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Electric Bike Sales

Stores in Cambridge,

Oxford, Bristol & York

“We love to give our customers

Super Powers.”

–Eddie Kehoe,


Nothing comes close to the exhilarating sensation of riding an electric bike. You feel like a superhero: powerful, fully alive – practically flying!

And because ebikes are so eco-friendly, you’re also a superhero to humanity and the planet itself.

A electrifying customer experience to match.

We want our customers to feel great, not just when riding, but also when buying the best electric ebike for them. Because an exceptional shopping experience is where it all begins.

No sales people.

Just qualified technicians

here to help you.

When you visit one of our stores, you’ll be served by an experienced technician whose sole job is to help you figure out which make and model is right for your particular needs and look after you from that point on. Electric bikes are technical products and it helps to know your stuff. You wouldn't buy a computer from an abacus shop would you?

After buying, you’ll still be taken care of.

We’re committed to keeping your ebike or electric cargo bike going for as long as you want it. We hate waste and have helped customers keep 20+ year old Yamaha ebikes on the road to this day. “Buy once – use it for life (or recycle).”

A customer once said that

we sell “time machines.”

She meant how you feel when you hop on an ebike and take off–like that teenager who’s out to have an adventure, wind blowing through your hair. And make no mistake: you’re never too old to try something new and exciting like electric bikes. Besides all the practical reasons, they’re just plain fun!

Save money, save the planet,

save your sanity!

We see electric bikes as a potent force for good in the world. They aren’t just better for the environment or healthier compared to cars – they also enhance people’s lives through stress reduction, transport, leisure and mobility.

Obviously, the more ebike owners in the world, the better it will be for society as a whole. And the ebike revolution is gaining greater and greater momentum every day.

We weren’t just on the ground floor

of the ebike revolution.

We practically had to sleep on the floor in order to do it!

My mate Jamie and I (see photos) met at university in the late 1990’s. Witnessing gridlocked roads, pollution and the inconvenience of parking and street parked cars, we started cycling everywhere.

Cambridge bike shop Electric Bike Sales founders Eddie Kehoe and Jamie McAlley charity ride 2006

Electric Bike Sales founders Eddie Kehoe and Jamie McAlley charity ride 2006

In 2005 we both fell in love with electric bikes. Back then, ebikes were unheard of in the UK, and if you did see any, they seemed pretty rudimentary and not very attractive.

We saw past all that.

To us, though, here was an incredible, fun new way to get around and to do it cheaply. You could leave your car at home, if you had one, or if not, never again have to wait for a bus to show up.

We got so turned on by the idea that we decided to form our own electric bike company.

It took a while to gain any traction.

It’s not easy to be among the first in an industry that no one knows anything about.

So we just started out by giving pop-up demos and holding so many events that it felt like we lived in tents the first couple years.

During this period we often found ourselves sleeping in the workshop surrounded by electronics, motor windings and battery cells, all wrapped in the smokey mist of solder, with either rock, blues or jazz on the radio.

Then we caught fire.

Eventually, our faith in ebikes began to pay off. Customers got excited and became ambassadors, spreading the word for us (we couldn’t afford regular adverts, so that was a godsend).

Before long, people came from all over the UK and even parts of Europe to check out our ebikes.

We wanted to be close to our customers.

During this exciting time, we opened a couple of stores to complement our home city stores of Cambridge and London. So Oxford and Bristol e-Bike stores opened (only ever eBikes - no distractions), followed by York. We did this so our customers could receive better service, conveniently try out electric bikes before buying and also to have after-sales support nearby.

Why we offer you our own products.

Early on we saw the need to develop our own products so we could give our customers the very best e bikes. Today, we can make all normal bikes electric including Cargo bikes and Bromptons. We're proud to report that some of our creations have won major eBike competitions.

Call, email or, better yet, stop by!

We’re always excited to turn people on to all the benefits of owning an ebike. We feel confident that once you get on, you’ll never get off!

Here's to Cycling and NEVER Stopping!

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Electric Bike Sales is a trading name of

The Electric Transport Shop Ltd -

the first and largest specialist

electric-bike retailer in the UK.