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Yamaha Powered eBikes

Yamaha e-bike Power

Yamaha invented the world's first electrically power-assisted bicycle (PAS), proudly powering eBikes for nearly 30 years. A regular favourite at the Tokyo motor show, The eBike Yamaha drive system loved by E-bike enthusiasts the world over is known for its pure ride performance and reliability.

The Yamaha drive is much more than just a system for electric motorcycles; the drive uses sensor systems to precisely measure your pedalling force. The electric motors add the right amount of power to the drivetrain. With a choice of assist modes, the Yamaha motor will power you up any incline or trail you care to try.

Manufacturers such as Haibike have swappable batteries that can be swapped out for new batteries in moments while you charge the old battery.

Used the world over to power e-bikes of all kinds, from rugged electric mountain-bikes to high-speed city commuters and are a lot more versatile and fun than an electric scooter.

Along with Bosch, they are some of the best electric bike systems in the world.

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