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Best Commuter Electric Bikes

The Best Commuter Electric Road Bike

Sick of rush hour city traffic? Tired of Public Transport? You want to get more exercise into your already busy schedule but don’t want to arrive at work all hot and bothered, an eBike may just be the solution you’ve been waiting for!!

With some of our models boasting a 625wh battery packs and powerful electric motors propelling the rider to nearly 30mph, and yes having all this power at your fingertips you need control, many of our commuter bikes are equipped with hydraulic disk brakes and ABS as standard. Our commuter range also includes hybrid bikes, ideal for the commute to work and a lot of fun at the weekend.

There are many ways to travel to work. The best by far is cycling to work, with an electric bike it’s possible to cover more than 25 miles in under an hour while getting the exercise you want to get, reducing your commuting costs and saving the planet at the same time, so look no further for the best commuter bike for you.

eBike commuter-friendly features:

Upright ride position – ideal to see and be seen

Advanced braking – Disk brakes and ABS

Bike rack – Safely carry your work bag and gear

Rear-wheel Kickstand – Keep the bike upright if you hop off

Chainguard – Who wants to wear bicycle clips to work?

Integrated lights – See in the dark

Pedal assisted – The motor and battery take the work out of steep hills

Torque sensors – More power, faster acceleration

These bikes are the ideal choice for the daily commuter.

If you have any questions or need help in choosing the right e-bike please contact our friendly team

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