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Cube Electric Bikes

Conquer Your Ride with Cube E-Bikes: German Innovation Meets Two Wheels

Imagine starting a bike company in your dad's furniture factory. That's exactly what Marcus Pürner did in 1993, and today Cube Bikes is a German powerhouse leading the cycling charge. They're famous for innovation and quality, offering a wide range of bikes – from road machines to mountain shredders. But their real claim to fame is their electric bikes (e-bikes).

Cube isn't just a name in e-bikes, they dominate the segment. Their lineup caters to every rider, from urban commuters who want effortless cruising to adventure seekers tackling rugged trails. Imagine conquering hills with a smile thanks to a powerful Bosch motor, or feeling the confidence of high-grade materials on every ride. Cube is constantly pushing the boundaries of e-bike technology, so you can be sure you're getting a bike that's efficient, reliable, and built to last.

Checkout the most popular Cube eBike models:

Kathmandu Hybrid
Touring Hybrid
Supreme Hybrid
Stereo Hybrid
Reaction Hybrid

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