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Trade In

Upgrade - Recycle


We guarantee to buy your e-Bike back from you at any point in the future offering you a credit towards your next purchase.

We consider e-Bikes not bought from us only against a new electric bike purchase.

Non working e-Bikes – we will also consider offering a trade in value for non working e-Bikes.

Although we can give an indication of trade in value without seeing the e-Bike we will need to see it before making a final offer.


The not so small print....

We service all traded in electric bikes, replace any parts that need or will soon need replacing, and perform battery and charger tests before selling on with a warranty. We also have to pay VAT on the sale price. For these reasons you will not be offered a market price and this service should be considered as a matter of convenience rather than the way to achieve the best sale price.


We want all of our customers to be happy, even when buying a used electric bike. To see our electric bike special offers click here.