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Charge Time

2-6 hours from 20% depending on the charger used


additional 50-100 miles

Bosch Dual Battery Fitting

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Double Up your Performance with a Bosch eBike Dual Battery

Since 2017 Bosch eBike systems have had the option to add a second battery.

This brings the performance and reliability of a Bosch motor to extra long range applications.

Many of you will see that other systems offer higher capacity batteries than Bosch as standard. This sounds great until you understand the compromises made by using higher capacity lithium cells. If you have aen eBike battery pack roughly the same size and weight of a Bosch pack say 40 to 50 cells and it has a capacity of more than 13Ah or 500Wh then it will have lithium cells with a capacity higher than 2600mAh. What's wrong with that I hear you say?

What's the problem with higher capacity lithium cells in eBike Batteries?

  • There isn't a problem if you want the longest range you can pack into the smallest space.
  • There isn't a problem if you want the longest range you can pack into the lowest weight.
  • There may be a problem if you have power hungry applications because there's a trade off between power and energy density of most lithium chemistries.
  • There may be a problem if you want your expensive lithium battery pack to last as long as possible with the same performance. Currently cells with higher energy densities have lower cycle life potential at full performance.

Why is the Bosch dual battery option better?

For these reasons and with a deep understanding of how most people use eBikes we really like the Bosch approach and here are a few more reasons:

  • Utilising cell capacities of approximately 2600mAh or lower achieves a balance between power, range and longevity.
  • Spending a little more and doubling up can extend the life of both batteries dramatically if their discharging and charging is optimised - and you guessed it - your Bosch powered eBike will manage this for you to ensure the best possible performance and longest lasting results.
  • Not only can you reliably call upon more power when needed but you can also make use of the Bosch 6Amp fast charger with a clear conscience because it will alternate charging between the batteries to avoid extra stress (and therefore wear) caused by fast charging.

So there are 2 ways things are usually done - 1. Engineering first. 2. Marketing first.

If you want a long range and a good product experience for a long time then we believe we must recommend the Bosch Dual Battery approach.

Some manufacturers such as Haibike and Riese & Muller offer the double battery option but we can also retro fit to most ebike brands using a Bosch motor manufactured since 2017 (and sometimes late 2016).

Our fixed price includes all:

  • mounts
  • fixings
  • wiring
  • connectors
  • fitting
  • 500Wh battery
  • reprogramming for charging/discharging protocols (and see both batteries on your display)
  • and VAT

If You Don't Have Bosch?

Just get in touch. We've been fitting double batteries for years and there's a good chance we can do it on your ebike too.

Power System

500Wh Bosch frame or rack mount battery

Charge Time
2-6 hours from 20% depending on the charger used

additional 50-100 miles

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