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Badass e-Bike Speed Tuning Dongle

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Version 4.0

What does the Speed De-Restriction Device Do?

The Badasse-Bike Device is an easy to fit de-restriction dongle. This clever little device will work magic with your electric bike speed sensor removing the 15.5mph LEGAL limit, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your e-Bike. The maximum speed will vary depending on the system and the e-bike, although we have seen maximum speeds in excess of 31mph. 


 Easily installs to the most popular Crank Drive e-Bike systems. 

What eGroupset does the Badasse-Bike Dongle work with? 

  • This quick and easy solution can be fitted to the Bosch Active, Bosch Performance (CX), Yamaha, Shimano Steps, Impulse, Brose and Continental systems.
SHIMANO UPDATE JUNE 2019 - There are compatibility issues with shimano update 4.7.0 - as long as you are running a version before this the dongle will work.


How does the chip tuning device fit?

This versatile little dongle can be easily fitted in a matter of seconds. In three easy steps. Slide the device over the Magnetic Speed sensor, usually located on the left lower chainstay of your e-Bike. Swap the standard phillips headed screw on the Magnet, located on a spoke in the rear wheel, with the new butterfly headed screw provided to easily move it around. Relocate the Magnet into the location shown in the Manual. It couldn't be any simpler.  If you have a restricted amount of space between the sensor and the spokes, you may be required to fit this adapter. Removing the dongle will return your e-Bike to its legal restricted speed.

 Restrictions to De-Restrictions. 

Where can I use the speed tuning device?

This bit is important so please read. Current UK law will only allow you to use this device on PRIVATE LAND where you have the OWNERS PERMISSION. Fitting this device and using anywhere other than private land is AGAINST THE LAW. If used anywhere else, you will be doing so at your own risk. The Electric Transport Shop Ltd assumes no liability for any damage to property and / or injury to persons caused by improper use of this product. Please note we will never fit these devices and test rides are not available at our stores.


Customers from outside the UK are responsible for checking laws that apply locally and abiding by those laws. 


Warranty, Components, and the risks. 

Can de-restricting my e-Bike, cause problems?

Although we have had no reported technical issues due to using this dongle by using it you risk voiding your manufacturer warranties. We will continue to offer the free labour warranty that we offer with all e-bikes bought from us but if your e-bike manafacturer discovers a way to tell that you have unlocked your electric bike system they may void your bike warranty.



The badass Chiptuning Box must not be used on public roads or in areas subject to the application of the Highway Code!

Use is restricted to private land, with the owners permission.We will never fit the Badasse-Bike Device for you. 

The installation of the badass Chiptuning Box can lead to loss of warranty of the e-bike.

The use of this product may legally invalidate any safety certifications of the bike and by using it you accept liability for your safety and those around you.

The badass Chiptuning Box is used at your own risk. Warning, risk of injury.

The Electric Transport Shop Ltd assumes no liability for any damage to property and / or injury to persons caused by improper use of the product.


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