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How to wash your electric bike (without damaging the electrics)

Words by Stuart on 15/07/2021 14:06:32

What's can be better than slipping into fresh, clean, taut sheets, plumped pillows, the crinkle of a rejuvenated duvet cover and a perfect nights sleep? Blasting down the trails on your squeaky clean eMTB, of course!!

How to clean your eBike

It's essential to keep your electric bike clean; it'll reduce wear and tear and ensure your eBike is in top condition every time you take it for a ride.

In this article, we will discuss some do's and don't and share one or two little hacks along the way.

Tip #1

Don't clean your ebike upside down

As tempting as it is to turn your ebike upside down to clean the drive train, wheels and tyres, you will end up filling your bike up with water. Many electric bikes have drainage holes in the battery and motor casing to allow water to drain out with gravity. Turning your ebike upside down to clean it is just going to fill the bike up with water; REMEMBER it's an ELECTRIC BIKE!!. In addition, by turning your e-bike upside down, you also risk scuffing and damaging your ebike cockpit. Handlebars, seat, display, brake and gear levers will all quickly start to show signs of wear and tear if you turn your bike upside down to work on it.

We recommend investing in a bike stand; with a bit of searching online, you should be able to find one for about £30-£40, which could save you a lot more money further on down the line.

Bike Stand

Tip #2

Don't use washing-up liquid or car wax shampoo

Fairy liquid might be great for the dishes and soft on your hands, but over time the salts in washing up liquid will rust your bike and damage the electrical components. Likewise, car wax shampoo could cause damage to your braking system. It's best to use bike-specific cleaning products and shampoos as these will not damage the plastics and seals.

Tip #3

Turn your eBike off

It's an Electric Bike, and you're using water!!

Tip #4

Read the instructions

Your electric bike will come with quite a comprehensive user manual, along with a kind of helpful info it should tell you the best practice when washing your eBike. For example, most manufacturers recommend removing the battery before washing, but it's best to check the manual beforehand. If you're still not sure, it's best to remove the battery, and it's also a good idea to remove the displays if possible. Permanently mounted displays such as Purion or remote keys which control the eBike system should be covered with a cloth or film.

Tip #5

Use a jet washer sparingly

As tempting as it may be to blast your eBike with a jet washer to clean all those hard to reach places, you could end up damaging the electrical components and seals. If you use a jet washer, use it in the lightest setting and stand well back from your bike. A garden hose and spray head are usually sufficient; even so, be careful not to spray directly into the motor, battery, and other electrical components.

Clean your Chain and DeRailer

Cleaning your e-bike

Start with the drive train and chain, as this is usually the dirtiest part of the bike. A great little tool you can invest in is a Chain Scrubber. The scrubber saves you from removing the chain and has lots of brushes inside and a magnet that draws all the gunk of your ebike chain. Pour the preferred cleaning detergent into the reservoir, place the scrubber on the chain, hold the chain cleaner handle and turn the pedal to start cleaning. Various brands are available; prices range from about £10-£30.


Then using Weldtite Ecare 150ml Chain Degreaser Spray and a dishwashing brush (ask permission first), lightly scrub the cassette, de-railer and jockey wheels, removing all the dirt and grime, then use a rag to wipe down the chain.

Weldtite Ecare 150ml Chain Degreaser Spray

If the ebike is particularly mucky, use the hose to presoak the bike, mix up some bike cleaner in a bucket of water, and gently scrub the wheels using a soft hand brush. Next, use a good old sponge to clean the frame and handlebars; a bottle cleaning brush is great for getting into all those hard to reach areas. Finally, give your bike a final rinse down, and then use a towel to dry it off.

Tip #6

Avoid touching with the brake disks

Disk breaks on eBikes are potent units but are very easily contaminated. There are two main signs of contamination; the first and most obvious is that your brakes make a loud squealing and whining noise when you pull on the leaver. The second sign is that you will notice a drop in braking performance, and grabbing a handful of brake may not even really slow you down, let alone bring you to a complete stop which could have disastrous consequences. Usually, you will get one or both of these signs when your brakes are contaminated.

Brakes can be easily contaminated by oily substances such as brake fluid, chain lube and other kinds of oils and lubes, even the oils in your skin can be enough to cause contamination. So, it's a good idea to be very careful when using any aerosol type lube on your bike. In addition, once contaminated, it's often tricky to resurrect your brake pads. While some home remedies have been known on occasion to work, the success rate is pretty low, and the only way to remedy this is to replace the pads and clean the rotor.

Final touches

After towelling the bike down wiping off any excess water, spray some Weldtite TF2 into all the moving parts, use a cloth to protect against spray drift. A good little tip is to spray some Weldtite into the cloth and use it to wipe the bike over. Weldtite has a built-in repellant to disperse water, repels dirt, cleans surfaces, leaves a protective film, and leaves a lovely finish.

Next, lube up the chain; as a general rule of thumb, when riding in dry conditions, use dry chain lube, and in wet riding conditions, you use wet chain lube.

Weldtite TF2 Performance Lube Teflon

Weldtite TF2 Performance Lube Teflon 100ml

Finish Line 8oz Cross Country Wet Chain Lube Aerosol

Finish Line 8oz Cross Country Wet Chain Lube Aerosol in Green

Weldtite TF2 Ultra Spray With Smart Head

Weldtite TF2 Ultra Spray With Smart Head 400ml

Use some Weldtite TF2 Lithium Grease on the headset, wheel bearings, and bottom brackets; it's easily applied and helps stop corrosion. Finally, use silicon spray lube on the forks and dropper.

Weldtite TF2 Lithium Grease 100gm Tub in Green

It should only take about 15 minutes or so to give your electric bike a thoroughly good clean. You can also be on the lookout for any faults or problems with your eBike. When cleaning your e-bike, you just need to be a little more careful because of the electrical and other high-end components. As long as you are sensible and not blasting it with a jet washer and cautious when using sprays and lubes, you shouldn't run into any problems.

In 2005 Electric Bike Sales opened the first electric bike shop in the country; we really are the UK's foremost experts in all things e-Bike. So please get in touch with our fantastic team of trained technicians if you have any problems with your electric bike and we'll soon have it as good as new.


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