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Cube Stereo Hybrid

The Cube Stereo Hybrid e-bike range is a series of electric mountain bikes offered by Cube Bikes, a German bicycle manufacturer. These bikes are designed to provide riders with an efficient and versatile way to tackle any type of terrain. Here are some key features of the Cube Stereo Hybrid e-bike range:

  1. Electric drive system: All bikes in the Cube Stereo Hybrid range are equipped with a Bosch Performance Line eGroupset – usually the latest and most powerful Bosch eBike system available. This system provides pedal assist up to 25 km/h, allowing riders to conquer steep climbs and challenging terrain with ease. We can de-restrict this speed for off-road use but there are considerations.
  2. Suspension: The Stereo Hybrid range features a full suspension system from 120mm to 160mm travel, with both front and rear suspension to absorb bumps and vibrations and provide a smoother ride.
  3. Frame: The Cube Stereo Hybrid range features a lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame, with internal cable routing and a tapered head tube for improved handling.
  4. Wheels and tires: The Cube Stereo Hybrid range is available with either 27.5″ or 29″ wheels, depending on the model. The tires are typically wide and knobby, providing excellent grip on rough terrain.
  5. Components: The Cube Stereo Hybrid range is equipped with high-quality components, including hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano drivetrains, and dropper seatposts for improved control and comfort.

Overall, the Cube Stereo Hybrid range is designed to provide riders with a powerful and versatile e-bike that can handle a wide range of riding conditions. Whether you’re tackling steep climbs, flying down technical descents, or cruising along scenic trails, a Cube Stereo Hybrid e-bike is a great option for riders who want to take their mountain biking to the next level.

Can I make the Cube Stereo Hybrid go faster?

If you would like to de-restrict / remove the speed limit on your Cube Stereo Hybrid this is possible but there are some important considerations. Please read this article about tuning your electric bike to make it faster.

What are the best security options for my Cube Stereo Hybrid?

You may not be able to keep the ebike in sight at all times so how to protect your Cube Stereo Hybrid electric bike from theft is an important matter. We have tried and tested solutions for you. We love the folding locks because they have all of the strength of a D lock but tuck away neatly into a mount on your ebike. Checkout the tidy and secure folding lock options. To alert you of a potential ebike theft or to recover your electric bike if stolen we can fit EU made motor integrated GPS trackers. These have been revolutionary in the fight against ebike thieves resulting in an above 90% recovery rate and many convictions.

Can I fit integrated lights on my Cube Stereo Hybrid?

If you intend to ride your Cube Stereo in the dark you may wish to have eBike lights installed. We hard wire these directly into your electric bike system so that they run off the main battery and can be turned on / off from the ebike handlebar controls. The lighting options range from bright to set eyeballs on fire bright (which may be useful for night rides but need to be used responsibly). See our electric bike light options here.

Can I carry commuting of touring luggage on my Cube Stereo Hybrid?

We’ve all got our own ideas of adventure and if you would like to use this electric bike for commuting or touring what’s to stop you. If you would like to carry luggage at the back or the front or both we have the perfect pannier racks and components to fit this ebike and help you get going. Just get in touch to discuss the luggage options.

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