Experience the evolution of city commuting with CUBE’s groundbreaking Longtail Hybrid. Designed to streamline the transport of goods or children, the Longtail Hybrid cargo bike by CUBE stands as a testament to innovative urban mobility.

Whether you’re shifting kids, cargo, or suitcases, the Longtail Hybrid can effortlessly adapt. Thanks to its modular design and vast range of accessories, this compact cargo bike offers unparalleled flexibility for modern urban and touring requirements.

Everyday Versatility with CUBE’s Longtail Hybrid Drawing from the iconic trekking bike design, the Longtail Hybrid integrates an extended luggage carrier, elevating everyday transportation practicality. The robust carrier, fortified with advanced suspension technology, is capable of supporting up to two children, a standard 40x60cm Eurobox, or sizable panniers. Designed for maximum load efficiency, the carrier can handle 40kg on the top and 10kg on each side, with an additional option to boost its capacity using a front rack.

To prioritize safety and convenience, the Longtail Hybrid features a secure storage compartment within its down tube. Plus, it’s designed for universal compatibility, providing easy adaptability with a range of rider heights, ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone.

Experience Power with the Bosch-Driven Longtail Hybrid Harness the unmatched efficiency of the Bosch-powered CUBE Longtail Hybrid. With choices in two vibrant shades, the dynamic Bosch CX Line motor paired with a 725Wh battery ensures a smooth ride, whether you’re crossing the city or cruising the countryside. Explore the Longtail Hybrid range:

  • Longtail Hybrid 725: Available in grey´n´reflex and blue´n´reflex.
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Deore RD-M5130-GS 10-fach, LinkGlide Shifters: Shimano Deore SL-M5130-R10, 10 Speed, LinkGlide
  • Longtail Sport Hybrid 725: Offered in swampgrey´n´reflex and flashwhite´n´reflex.
  • Shifters: Enviolo Cargo Manual, Drive belt: Gates CDX 151T

Modular Design with Custom Accessories for the Longtail Hybrid Designed to cater to every user’s unique needs, the Longtail Hybrid boasts a broad spectrum of custom accessories. From padded bench seats for kids to side protectors ensuring safety, from wooden footrests to versatile cargo rails – the Longtail Hybrid is built for adaptability. Discover the suite of exclusive parts and accessories curated by CUBE for this transformative bike:

  • Bench Seat RILink Longtail
  • Side Protector Longtail
  • Step Board Set Longtail
  • Rail Longtail
  • ACID Pannier PRO 45/2 Longtail
  • Front Carrier HIC RILink
  • ACID Front Carrier Bag Pro 40 HIC RILink
  • ACID Front Basket 15 HIC RiLink

Experience seamless urban transportation redefined with the CUBE Longtail Hybrid. Join our eCommunity using the link below to be the first to know when pre-orders open for this great value German made Longtail eCargo bike.

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