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How to de-restrict or tune your Electric Bike to make it go faster

Words by Stuart on 13/05/2021 15:17:56

Haibike Speed

"We love to give our customers Super Powers."

Nothing comes close to the exhilarating sensation of riding an electric bike. You feel like a superhero: powerful, fully alive – practically flying!


Many eBikes sold throughout Europe are capable of speeds over 30mph. But under current legislation, they are restricted to 15.5mph (25kph). For most people, 15.5mph is plenty fast enough, but others are fed up with the power cutting out when they hit the speed limit and feel like Superman chained with Kryptonite.


Now let's put all our Top Trump card set the table right from the start. For many reasons, the legislation is in place, and at Electric Bike Sales, all the bikes we sell fully comply with all UK law. By de-restricting your eBike, you immediately remove your compliance with UK regulations if you cycle on any public road or path, and you can only use your eBike on private land with the landowner's permission. Secondly, fitting any de-restriction device to your ebike may invalidate your factory warranty. Now that being said, let's show you how it's done!!

How does electric bike tuning work?

Tuning an eBike is not like tuning a car or motorbike by pushing the engine to its limits. When you tune an eBike, you simply bypass the limiter and allow the motor to reach its full potential, its a bit like taking the Kryptonite off Superman!!

The easiest way to tune or de-restrict an E-bike is to fit a dongle.


PearTune MSO Tuning MSO 3.0

The "MSO" stands for "Max Speed Off", with the PearTune MSO 3.0, there are no limits, and you can finally feel the full potential of your eBike motor.

Other devices work by tricking the system into thinking that the ebike is travelling half as fast as it actually is so that the controller will record a different speed level. The speedometer will only display half the actual speed. The PearTune completely removes any limits placed on your ebike, still displaying the correct speed.

Another great advantage of the PearTune is that it can easily be turned on or off with the press of a button.

Please see below for Manufacturer Variants:

PearTune MSO 3.0 Yamaha PW-X2 Motors    
PearTune MSO for Brose - Specialized 2.1 Turbo LEVO 2019-2020

PearTune MSO for Bosch


The latest SpeedBox tuning chips enable you to set and control your own speed limit, and much like the PearTune, the actual speed is displayed along with maximum and average speeds, daily mileage and cruising range.

SpeedBox B Tuning V3.0 for Bosch Motors

The SpeedBox B TuningV 3.0 dongle also comes with a fantastic mobile app that allows you to:

  • Control speed restriction
  • Save and viewing your trips
  • Hide Tuning function
  • Motor lock
  • View motor diagnostics

Please see below for Manufacturer Variants:

SpeedBox 3.0 for Bosch

A third-generation dongle chip, compatible with the latest Bosch CX gen 4 2020 motors.

SpeedBox 2 Electric Bike Speed Tuning Derestriction for Yamaha

The SpeedBox tuning dongle fully deactivates the speed limiter with accurate speed and trip data shown on the display. The SpeedBox can be turned ON or OFF by pressing the WALK button on the control unit.

SpeedBox 2 for Giant eBikes 2017 onwards

Unleash your Giant electric bike with a SpeedBox tuning dongle,

Compatible with all Giant ebikes such as Trance E+, Fathom E+, Stance E+, Reign E+, and any other Giant ebike with Giant Yamaha Syncdrive Sport, Pro, Life engines (2017-2021)

PearTune Vs SpeedBox

The main difference between the PearTune and SpeedBox dongle chips is that the SpeedBox B Tuning V3.0 comes with the app, which includes extra functionality that's similar to the top end Bosch displays such as Kiox and Nyon. The Peartune has a smaller form factor for easier fitting, and you do not have to leave your Gen 4 Bosch motor to time off when you finish your ride. However, both devices fully unlock the incredible potential of your eBike.

View all our speed tuning devices

"Remember, with great power comes great responsibility!!!!" If you decide to de-restrict your eBike, please be careful and always follow the Highway Code.  The Electric Transport Shop Ltd assumes no liability for any damage to property and/or injury to persons caused by improper use of the product. Please Contact Us any time to speak to one of our highly trained technicians.

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