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The new Riese and Muller Load 4 75 and Load 4 60

From saving a lot of money, and faster commutes to drastically reducing emissions from fossil fuel vehicles, there are heaps of benefits to owning one of the best electric cargo bikes.

With the capability of carrying two or more children and shopping, the le-cargo bikes offer a realistic alternative to the car, even if you don’t live in the flat lands of Holland.

Undoubtedly the Rolls Royce in the eCargo bike world are Riese and Muller.

For 2023 there is a substantial update to Riese & Müller’s electric cargo bike line. In short, if you’re a parent or guardian looking for the best in cargo bikes, you’ve found your dream bike.

Load4 60 and Load4 75

The Load4 improves upon the already critically-acclaimed Load 60 and 75 models.

In both 60 and 75cm variations, the Load4 still features the trademark Riese & Müller Control Technology (rear suspension for us mere mortals). The Load 75 can comfortably accommodate three children, owing to its large box, which is 50% larger than its slightly smaller sibling, the Load 60, which can take up to two children.

The new Bosch Smart System comes standard with the Load4 and includes a 545Wh PowerPack battery or an optional 725Wh battery. Bosch’s Anti-Braking System (ABS), which prevents the rear wheel from lifting, tyres from slipping, and the bike from skidding, is now available.

Similarly to most of Riese & Müller’s models, the Load4 60 and 75 have the option to go to ‘GX’, which uses grippier tires for rougher terrain; there is are HS (high speed) versions too.

The Bosch smart system
The Smart System paves the way for the digital future of eBikes by fully integrating the battery, motor, display, control unit and Flow app. The eBike Flow app allows you to control all system functions over the air. New features are added regularly through over-the-air updates. The perfectly tuned components will enable you to customise your riding experience and enhance the enjoyment of riding – whether on the way to work or on the trail at the weekend.

Transporting children safely

A good fit for younger generations as well

There is no cargo more valuable than a child. Safety comes first. In addition to 5-point safety belts for children, the Load4 60 and 75 feature a comfortable, cushioned seat position for a relaxed ride around town and the countryside.

Control Technology

You can have fun and be safe at the same time.

There is no doubt that not everyone immediately associates cargo bikes with fun on two wheels. When you sit on a Load4 with Control Technology, this changes. Optimised chassis and finely tuned suspension ensure optimum comfort, safe riding even at high speeds, and excellent road holding, leading to a top-of-the-range riding experience. Shocks and vibrations, such as those from cobblestones or kerbs, are significantly cushioned.

A flexible transport system for loads

From the warehouse to the customer.

The Load4’s cargo area can be used to transport virtually anything, as all cargo can be strapped to the rails. Additional convenient solutions are provided by the various side wall and cover options. Whatever the need, you’ll find the right accessory among the different options, whether it’s luggage for an exciting camping weekend, tools, goods, or sports equipment.