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As one of the UK’s foremost Riese and Muller partners, we are ecstatic to bring you news of the latest Riese and Muller release…..

Drum roll please……

Introducing the new Riese and Muller UBN….In fact, these electric bikes are so new we are not allowed to show you any pictures just yet. But believe me, the bike looks incredible.

The new Riese & Müller UBN Line brings city life to the road: with simple style, an unmistakably light, natural ride feel and useful connectivity features, the Urban Line is a new generation of Riese & Müller bikes.

The UBN Five and the UBN Seven are the newest members of the Riese and Muller family. The UBN range is a completely new and fresh design and the lightest ever RM eBike, weighing only 18.5kgs.

Another essential aspect of the UBN is that Riese and Muller wanted an electric bike that looked and feels like a bike. The UBN design has a progressive, dynamic, agile geometry. The cockpit is neat and  clean with all cabling internally routed and the rear light beautifully integrated within the rear fender. In addition, the UBN line is equipped with a strong pannier rack, which is again neatly integrated into the frame design and capable of easily carrying 7.5kgs on each side (15kg in total).

The optional suspension package offers sublime comfort with front suspension forks and saddle. The UBN line comes with stylish flat handlebars, but you can also opt to have even more comfort with a back sweep handlebar and ergonomic grips and broad saddle. There are three different gear options; the touring with an 11 gear rear derailleur shifting system, the silent version has an eight speed internal gear hub, and for the first time for Riese and Muller, a single speed bike with a big drive. In addition, you can choose between two colours for each frame, silver and black for the UBN five and rose and white for the UBN seven, so you can even coordinate with your iPhone if you so desire.

Another key consideration for Riese and Muller when designing the UBN is sustainability, and they worked to make the entire supply chain as carbon neutral as possible. For example, the frames and rims are manufactured in Portugal, and the drive unit and lighting are from Germany. The tires have green guard puncture protection, which is made from recycled material, and the rubber comes from a project where farmers get paid a fair price for their work.

The new drive
The Urban Line is all about proper assistance at just the right time, with plenty of motor power and battery capacity for city streets. Furthermore, Riese and Muller are working with a different drive manufacturer for the first time, equipping the Urban Line with the brand new, compact, quiet and powerful RIDE 60 system by FAZUA.

The lightweight Fazua motor and battery are completely integrated into the frame, so much so that to the untrained eye, you would not know you are looking at an electric bike until you start to pedal, of course!!

Another key advantage of the RIDE 60 system is that it has no pedalling resistance and it’s completely noiseless, and the battery can be charged on and off the bike.

The smartest E-Bike Riese and Muller have built.
UBN Five and UBN Seven are consistently connected bikes that come with connectivity modules, a complete system connection via CAN bus and a Bluetooth interface as standard. A great new feature is the movement alert, so if somebody tries to move or steal your bike, it will make a very noisy alarm sound.

RX Connect App


The smartphone becomes the cockpit and complements the digital look of the Urban Line. Connectivity thus takes on a whole new dimension. Thanks to the RX Connect App and RX Service, the bikes of the Urban Line unfold their full digital power.

The UBN line is designed to be easy to ride and very low maintenance, the perfect companion in the urban environment.