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The all-new and hotly anticipated Yamaha PW-X3 has been completely redesigned; it’s lighter, smaller and more powerful than the X2.


The new PW-X3 is Yamaha’s smallest, lightest and most powerful drive unit.

The PW-X3 isn’t just significantly more compact, but – it’s also 300g lighter, has a greater torque output than its predecessor, and increased ground clearance. The new PW-X3 generates 85 Nm torque, matching the Bosch Performance Line CX and the Shimano EP8 motor.

The Japanese engineers developed the new PW-X3 drive system for lightweight, sporty e-MTBs. Like its predecessors, the PW-X3 also boasts the ergonomic 128mm ISIS interface bottom bracket axle that gives the best Q-factor of any e-bike system. Yamaha Motor’s new PW-X3 continues with this ideal layout, making it especially attractive to advanced and professional riders. The Yamaha PW-X3 will be a prominent feature in the upcoming 2022 Haibike e-MTB range.

The engineers at Yamaha have built a motor that provides instant support with full torque as soon as the rider applies pressure to the pedal, giving a natural and agile responsive feel. Especially in “Automatic Support Mode”, when the drive software selects the mode best suited to the riding situation, whether steep climbs, rocky trails, sandy or muddy terrain – all are easily conquered!!

The 2022 Yamaha Interface X


A new motor needs a new interface, and it sounds like something from a sci-fi film; however, the Interface X is a science fact, not fiction, and boasts the latest eBike tech. The design is minimalist, ergonomic, and mounted above or below the stem to give a clean-looking cockpit and handlebar area. Colour-coded LEDs display the battery status and drive mode at a glance, all controlled with a user-friendly remote switch with easy-to-reach buttons that ensure fast and easy mode selection without the need for the rider to take their eyes off the trail ahead.


2022 Yamaha External Crossover Battery

This year Yamaha is expanding their range of batteries with a small lightweight external 500Wh battery thats compatible with the new, performance PW-X3 as well as the other motors in their range. According to Yamaha he External Crossover 410 battery has a weight of just 2.8 kg and can be fully charged in about 3.5 hours.


Yamaha collaborates with leading electronics manufacturers

The Interface X comes equipped with ANT+™ and Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology connectivity, offering full compatibility with bike computers or even third-party GPS devices, e.g. the EOX View 1300 from SIGMA, Garmin’s Edge series and the Echowell LEV100 e-Bike computer.