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Now, like me, when you think of Harley-Davidson, you probably imagine big loud, powerful motorbikes, and you definitely wouldn’t think of electric bicycles. If all goes to plan, that is about to change!!

In 1903 William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson mounted and engine on two wheels and created what has become affectionately known as the “Serial Number One.” Over a century later, Serial 1 Cycles, powered by Harley-Davidson, launch with an expected release date of March 2021.

Based in the same building that once served as Harley-Davidson’s race factory from the 1950s to the 2000s, Serial 1 Cycles plans to release four brand new models. The RUSH/CTY SPEED, RUSH/CTY, RUSH/CTY STEPTHROUGH (which are variations of the same e-bike) and the MOSH/CTY is a single-speed electric bike.

The RUSH/CTY bikes feature an automatic Enviolo NuVinci transmission, the first automated continuously variable shifting system designed for those who’d rather not worry about changing gear; the cycle automatically selects the gear for you. You set your preferred cadence (level of assistance from the motor), allowing you to always pedal at the same pace, up or downhill. The MOSH/CTY uses a single-speed free-wheel hub to simplify the drivetrain and keep costs down. All four bikes use a Gates™ carbon-fibre belt drive instead of a chain powered by a Brose S MAG motor.

The Serial one eBikes look tremendous and have exciting design features, such as the integrated rear tail-lights triggered by a built-in Accelerometer and a very stylish “seeing” light built into the handlebar mount.

However, the bikes’ price point comes in at $3,399 for the Mosh/CTY and up to $4,999 for the Rush/CTY models, so that puts them in direct competition with Haibike.

With ten years of experience in building some of the best E-Bikes in the world (See our blog about the anniversary Haibike ALLMTN SE 2021), Haibike really does take some beating. Specialising in performance electric bikes from full-suspension and hard-tail eMTBs designed to take on the most challenging terrain to well-equipped hybrids for laid back leisure riding, you’ll find the eBike you’re looking for with Haibike. See our range of Haibike E-Bikes here. Please contact our friendly sales team and arrange a free test ride, or pop into any of our four stores in Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge and York.