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Electric Bikes Sales & Repairs
The Best eBikes & Expert Advice

New Cambridge Store Opening Soon

After 10 Years selling & supporting electric bikes we now have a brand new electric bike website. Temperary domain being used.

Click Here to go to our new ebike website.  

 Oxford - London - Cambridge - Bristol - York

Special Offers

Gocycle electric bike styleGocycle

Bosch pedelec bikesBosch

SMARTA best value electric bike Smarta - hill climber 4 Yr warranty

 electric bike conversion kitsConversion kits

KTM pedelec electric bikesKTM

 Storck german & swiss made pedelecs Storck

Ultramotor electric bikesUltramotor

Electric tricycles & electric folding trikeseTrikes & eRecumbents

Grace German pedelec electric bikes

 Dutch pedelec electric bicyclesDutch Electric Bikes

Folding electric bikesFolding

Wisper electric bikesWisper

electric bike spare partsParts 

 electric bike diagnosis and repairsRepairs

for even more electric bike choices please visit our electric bike shopSecure Shop

Coming to you - TETS roadshowRoadshow




Electric bike showrooms in London, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol and York . Free test rides and eBike hire! Electric bikes vary widely in  performance and quality.  We want to help you to invest wisely. All shops have car parking, knowledgeable staff  and a wide selection of demonstration bikes that you can try.

We stock only the best electric bikes that we can find including: AVE, KTM, Sparticle, Bionx, Sunstar,  Wisper, Gocycle, Hero Eco A2B, Heinzmann, Powacycle, Smarta, Bosch and more! We no longer offer the Kalkhoff bikes. We offer UK and EU compliant machines with pedelec and/or throttle (twist and go) options. We also stock fast electric bikes (over 15 mph) for off-road electric thrills, such as the exhilarating Hero Eco A2B Metro and the Boss system.

We also undertake electric bike conversions and ebike custom builds for all needs. We're independent, and try to offer the BIGGEST range of bikes in the business. So having sorted the best from the rest if we don't sell a certain brand of new ebike... there will be a very good reason..

We can keep your electric bike in tip top working order. Nobody else has this level of proven expertise and experience. We always have spare parts and expert technicians in our busy workshops. We no longer stock - but still supply parts for - Ezee, Powabyke, Powacycle, Giant, Synergie, Raleigh and many others..

Problems with Kalkhoff ebikes parts supply: we are sometimes having to refer customers requiring repairs to this brand back to the distributor,  if parts exclusive to Kalkhoff are needed.  Please check with us by phone/email before bringing a Kalkhoff in for attention.

Visit one of our shops to find out all you can about electric bikes. We aim to cherry pick from a broad range of manufacturers and you can be sure that we have researched and tested every brand out there.

We'll be happy to take time to discuss your requirements. Owning the right electric bike is a life-changing, liberating experience. Sweat free commuting and all those hills 'flattened'. We want to help you make the right decision. We don't employ ruthless salesmen. Come and have a relaxed, zero hassle, pressure-free chat and test ride.

Workshop Rates

Our experienced workshops are always
busy! This is what we charge:
  • Fault diagnosis and simple repair without parts (eg. repair wiring) is £50. If further expense is required we will call and quote first.
  • Ebike Service (Electric Bikes/Trikes) from £50
  • All other repairs are charged at a fixed rate of £50 per hour plus parts as necessary.
We can give an estimate for most jobs in advance. Please note that may be necessary to leave your electric bike with us for a few days for work to be completed

Speed Pedelecs, Regen Ebikes... 

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Special Offers


03/04/14 - We're recruiting for a new full time shop manager at our Oxford shop.

03/04/14 -  Come and try some PHENOMENAL ebikes on our test track at the Gadget Show, NEC, Birmingham next week 8-12 April 2014

14/10/13 - We're stocking the remarkable SBU V3 from Focus Designs. We thought we'd seen everything in the electric bike world until we discovered this one wheeled version - the Self Balancing Electric Unicycle! Incredibly addictive, satisfying and surprisingly easy to conquer, this is a phenomenal amount of fun - Channel 5's Gadget Show think so too. Try before you buy at any of our 5 stores (by prior arrangement). Buy from us and we will set your machine up expertly and provide any back up parts and servicing that your machine needs. Could this top the xmas list this year?

10/10/13 - We're able to supply BionX parts and kits = contact us in the usual way or visit the distributor's website at www.BionXuk.com or www.REGENebikes.co.uk for more details.

26-28/09/13 Come and see us at the Cycle Show at the NEC in Birmingham. We'll have bikes on the test track for you to come and have a play with!

04/09/13 - KTM 2014 model details release with new lower prices -  click here

18/07/13 - SMARTA GT in the York Press click here.

16/07/13 - Which is faster across town during rush hour - an electric bike, a non electric bike, a motorcycle or a car? Of course it's an electric bike - see here.

19/06/2013 - Great news - our stunning, spacious, fabulously located YORK store is now up and running and will be delighted to show you a fine array of bikes from our carefully chosen range of manufacturers. No single manufacturer has all the boxes ticked when it comes to e-bikes, so the space to demonstrate a careful selection is essential and this is what we're trying to achieve here. York is a top cycling city, so why not take the time to come and try a few bikes and see this stunning destination at the same time? Opening offer: £100 off the SMARTA LX8 and SMARTA GT when collected from the York store - expires 19/0713!

01/06/2013 -  Delighted to announce that we've won a bid to supply Cambridgeshire County Council's Travel for Work partnership with Bosch bikes and a managed service enabling selected local employers in the A14 -A10 corridor to try an electric bike out as a great way to beat the traffic and get to work sustainably.

08/06/2013 - We're proud to announce that we've been selected to supply Electric Bikes for our local VW, Audi, Skoda and Bentley dealership. The idea is that while your car is being serviced, you can nip in to town for a latte, stress free parking, wind in your hair, and enjoy our beautiful city with the minimum of effort or fuss!

20/03/2013 - FREE - Up to 2 week ebike loan / hire for your business (if located in the same town as our shop). Drop us an email and we'll deliver a fantastic ebike for you and your colleagues to try.......  great for getting the lunchtime sandwiches!! Or try your commute on one...  you might be surprised at the results!

11/03/2013 - Ask us for a demo of an INCREDIBLE Storck Raddar ebike. Demos currently in London, Cambridge, Oxford & Bristol

Workshop Rates

Our experienced workshops are always busy! Please note that it is usually necessary to leave your bike with us for a few days for work to be completed. 

Workshop Rates

Fault diagnosis and simple repair without parts (eg. repair wiring) £50 (If further expense is required we will call and quote first)

Full electromechanical service £50

All other repairs are charged at a fixed rate of £50 per hour plus parts as necessary.