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Japanese 250W Torque sensing mid motor


40 - 80 miles

Sunstar iBike SO3 kit

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The only fully integrated torque sensing crank drive system to make your custom e-bike. Made in Japan for over 12 years.

All motors are now 36V and use durable metal gears suitable for electric mountain biking, cycle logistics and heavy cargo applications.

The system is called the Sunstar ibike so3+ and is one of the first and best electric bike crank drive systems available. The company behind it is a large Japanese/Global auto parts supplier.

The iBike system works just like the Panasonic, Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano Steps and Kalkhoff Impulse crank drive systems but it is the only system of this quality that can be fitted to your own bike.

What you need to do:

  1. Preferrably come to us and let us worry about fitting it correctly or
  2. Count the number of teeth on your large chainring and select the closest match from the options - 48 tooth is most common and included in the price. 39 & 52 tooth are CNC and come with special fitments.
  3. Select your preferred battery capacity and position from the options.

The main system price includes everything you need. The battery prices include the respective battery mounts or carriers.

The main benefits of the system:

  • RELIABLE - a fully evolved and tested system made in Japan with batteries assembled in Germany.
  • Retrofit - fits any standard bottom bracket keeping the weight low and inconspicuous, even fits tandems.
  • drives through the gears to improve efficiency and keep natural cycling dynamics of the bicycle.
  • senses torque pressure on pedals, cadence and speed to seamlessly fit into different riding styles.
  • complete system weight starts from approx 4Kg.
  • fits within the chainwheel size so should allow original bike boxes to be used.
  • range – up to 80 miles in eco.
  • extra speed – can be derestricted for private land use.
  • 2 year warranty including battery

The main challenges:

  • Cost – not the cheapest system on the market but definitely one of the best
  • Fitting – very easy but mechanical skills are important and we would prefer if you let us fit this.
  • Chainwheel – 39T, 41T, 48T and 52T tooth available and cannot be used with double or triple chain rings. Usually the lower gears are no longer required once the system is fitted.

If you have a bike that fits you well or has been a long time 'friend' then you can use the Sunstar system to turn it into an e-bike and continue enjoying it.....even more.

Power System

Japanese 250W Torque sensing mid motor

40 - 80 miles

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