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Gazelle CityZen C8 HM
  The first Urban eCommuter with hydraulic disc br...
The Winora Radius e-bike features the robust and c...
Sparticle Electric Brompton System
New Collection & Fitting Service - We can send you a spe...
Based on 18 reviews.
Sunstar iBike SO3 kit
The only fully integrated torque sensing crank drive system ...
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  • We were contemplating spending £1500 but ended up spending £2000 and were delighted to do so.

    The patience and knowledge demonstrated is why we bought with ElectricBikeSales.

    Kevin and Norma Mc Minn, St Neots - Cambridge, July 2015

  • I was most impressed with your staff, excellent product knowledge,

    good customer facing skills and most eager to help.

    What a refreshing change.

    Mark Drake, York - June 2015
  • I have been out on around 3 x 2 hour hilly rides every week.

    I am very happy with the Sunstar SO3.

    Anthony Greenwood, York - July 2015
  • I found your customer service excellent.  

    Thank you again.

    Eleanor Anderson, London - May 2015

  • Great service, thank you!

    I've just had my Brompton fitted by the London store,

    who did a great job, thank you very much!

    Bill Hunt, Brighton - May 2015
  • I am still blown away by all the information on your site

    particularly for those with little knowledge of ebikes.

    I have not seen another site that comes close.


    Peter Gallagher, Cleethorpes - June 2015

  • Just thought we’d drop you a line to say how much we love our Smarta eBikes.

    We are often spreading the word and were thrilled when we

    earned our first £40 refferal. 

    Dave & Pauline Proctor, Motorhome somewhere - July 2015



The eGroupset's

at a glance




Bosch Active

The most versatile eBike crank drive system, fitted to over 50 different brands of Electric Bikes. The Bosch Active line's high build quality and harmonious drive is perfectly crafted, to provide one of the most comfortable, modern drives on the market. Utilising a lot of technology from the automotive industry, it supplies you with up to 225% assistance in Turbo mode and 50% assistance in Eco mode, so that you can find the perfect support from this smart everyday companion. Bosch have combined three unique automotive sensors measuring your own torque, cadence and the speed of the bike.  Reading 1000 measurements per second ensuring you receive a perfectly coordinated, intuitive, harmonious assistance every mile of your journey. 

For 2016 the Bosch will be available with a new larger battery, alongside the current 400wh Powerpack.  The new 500wh Powerpack, will provide you with more confidence than ever before, to discover new places further and higher.  Combined with the Bosch Active line you can expect to see a staggering range of up to 130miles in Eco and 60 miles in Turbo. 







The YAMAHA signature crank drive powerfully provides 280% assistance, with a peak torque of 80nm. The innovative ' 0% CADENCE' ensures full output at the first stroke of the pedal, providing quite a reactive and enjoyable drive. It is also the only crank drive to offer a double chain-ring, providing you with more gears for adventure. For 2016, there are a few updates: USB Micro A output on the thumb controls; a new ECO+ mode to improve the range, alongside the standard ECO, STANDARD, and HIGH modes. Giving you increased control; An improved thumb control design, to ensure that is stands the test of time. 
YAMAHA's 400wh BATTERY provides105 miles with the new ECO+ mode and 43miles in HIGH mode. The range is confirmed with your ride style on the Heads Up Display, and the battery can be charged in a couple of hours. Keeping you in the saddle for longer, for the maximum level of enjoyment.





Shimano Steps

STePs is Shimanos 2nd electric bike system and it is a leap forward, so much so that the 1st will be forgotten forever. Considering the Japanese electric bike market is one of the most evolved Shimano have waited a long time to produce their pedelec system. As any cycling aficionado knows Shimano make great cycling components and STePS is not a disappointment. It has had to be very careful to fit its offering into a market led by Bosch and other very capable manufacturers and we believe it has found a suitable place. Focusing on urban electric bikes Shimano offers a relatively light and good value system. It isn't the most powerful but it is small, quiet and can be found on good cycle brands usually as their entry level pedelec offering. If you want a well made electric bike system for the lowest price then we would suggest considering a Shimano STePS system.









Bosch Performance CX

Purpose built for the ever growing market of eMTB's, this motor is the perfect choice for your next adventure. The newly revised PERFORMANCE CX motor is a whopping 38% smaller, dramatically increasing ground clearance for the more adventurous of the eGeneration. Ow and did we mention its FASTER. Outputting an outstanding 300% of assistance, putting 75NM of torque at your feet in TURBO mode. All delivered with Bosch's latest 'DIRECT FLOW' technology, giving you its peak output on the first stroke of the pedals. Now there is truly no need for lifts, ensuring you get the maximum level of enjoyment from those precious ride days.
2016 also sees the introduction of BOSCH'S 500wh POWERPACK, Pushing you further than ever before, combined with the PERFORMANCE CX you can expect to see 133 miles in ECO (50% assistance) and 46 miles in TURBO (300% assistance).








Impulse 2.0

What is it about Bavaria that motivates its engineers to make great transport products? Bavaria is an automotive heartland from where most of Germanys auto-engineering genius springs. The Impulse system started life under the name Daum and it is still manufactured by Daum Electronic in Bavaria for Derby Cycles (Gazelle and Kalkhoff). It falls somewhere between the Bosch and the Yamaha systems in terms of smoothness, assistance at set off, and hill climbing performance and is definitely worth a test ride. It is a system at home in the city. Although it gets its guts from Bavaria it gets its looks from Cologne. Long time electric bike enthusiast and entrepreneur Thomas Hentges of Coleo Design obsesses over every line and angle to ensure the motor and battery are not just functional but also good to look at.




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