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e-Bike Test Rides

- Best * e-Bike * For * You -


It is very unlikely you will find the best electric bike for you if you do not test ride a few. The way the power responds to what you do on the bike varies dramatically and with hundreds of different rider interfaces out there which one will feel intuitive and give you the right options?

Getting the right fit is important for comfort and safety and while you're here why not let us set it up perfectly for you and explain how to get the most out of it.


Many customers change their mind after test riding so it should be a key part of the decision.

A common misconception is that crank drives (mid motors) are better on hills and this isn't always the case, a lot depends on the rider.


We've got the stores, the demo bikes and the knowledgable helpful staff and what's more test riding is free – just bring some legal photo id to leave with us.


Extended test rides are offered over the weekends from 4.30pm Saturday until 10.30am the following Tuesday. This has proven to be enough time to test ride your favourite options. In most cases you'll have a good idea after a few rides around the block.


To book an extended test ride please contact the store directly.