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Battery Repair

Electric Bike Battery Diagnosis and Repair


When eventually needed, we can repair or refurbish your battery. This service will save you money and reduce the environmental impact of producing a new battery pack.

We can repair or refurbish most electric bike batteries. Please contact us to discuss or simply send your battery to your nearest Electric Transport Shop with all of your contact details.

For £35 we can test the performance of your battery on the workbench, provide a diagnosis, and let you know the most cost effective way to get it back to full health. If you need a replacement battery pack you get the £35 refunded against the cost so you don't lose anything by having it tested.

Freego, Ezee, Izip, Sparta, Giant, Powabyke, Powacycle, Raleigh, Wisper...  and many more e-bike batteries tested and repaired.

email: sales@electricbikesales.co.uk - don't throw it away or over pay!

What you get for £35:

  • State of Health
  • Battery discharge tests
  • Battery charge tests
  • Battery capacity tests
  • Battery Management System fault finding
  • Simple repairs
  • Cell balancing (if permitted by your battery management system)
    Best advice on repairs, recycling and future care and maintenance

Please note that the cost of sending your battery to us and the return cost must be met by you. Typically £10 each way. You can of course bring/collect the battery to us in person.

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