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Riese & Muller Birdy Touring 2019 Bosch

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Riese & Muller Birdy Touring

Especially agile, particularly fast – with the Shimano Deore Trekking 10-speed derailleur gear with accurate gear changing. Hydraulic Shimano Deore disc brakes ensure flawless braking behaviour even on fast rides. The Control Technology with full suspension provides safety and maximum riding comfort even on long tours.

The Birdy.

Supremely functional.

The Birdy: a Swiss pocket knife that you can mount and ride away on. Tucked away, it might not fit in every trouser pocket, but it certainly will fit in any car boot and on any form of public transport. And when it’s needed, you simply unfold it. Whether you're on holiday or for day-to-day working. And it doesn’t take much longer to open up than a pocket knife either. Its cleverly thought-out frame, with no hinge joint in the main frame, and the adapted ratio range, deliver a riding experience just like any normal bike. The full suspension surpasses even its riding safety and comfort. Regular bikes had better watch out.


A folding genius

Record folder.

No other folding bike in the world can be folded as quickly as the Birdy. Of course, you have to practice a few times until you can do it fluidly. Birdy holds the world record at 4.9 seconds. Its folded dimensions are then 80 x 62 x 34 cm. In addition to its fast and compact folding properties, its quick, sporty riding characteristics just like those of a regular bike are impressive.

No folding hinge

Unbendingly flawless.

A folding bike without a hinge on the main frame? Not only can it be done, but it can be done so with style and functionality. Because the pivot points of the suspension act as the pivot points for folding the bike, the Birdy achieves the same frame stability as a normal bike. And so it rides like one too. Another advantage that this brings is the Birdy’s wonderfully low weight.

Control Technology

Maintains a deep relationship with the road.

Only a folding bike with true full suspension keeps contact with the ground on poor roads - and keeps you in full control. The active rear swing arm with favourable pivot point position and optimised anti-dive front wheel suspension form the core of the Control Technology. They ensure better road holding and safety at high speeds and in tricky situations. he immediately appreciable advantage is the back-sparing riding comfort. Vibrations and hard knocks like those experienced on cobbles or kerbs are significantly diminished.

Flexible stem

Perfect for everyone. With no compromises.

The height-adjustable stem and adjustable seatpost, both with flip-flop length adjustment, mean that the seat position of the Birdy can be adjusted to rider heights from 1.50 to 1.95 m and adapt to every rider's comfort preferences. As a result, it can be used by multiple users. The large diameter of the stem and handlebars, as well as the quadruple clamp, ensure maximum rigidity and stability. This gives the Birdy the riding characteristics of a normal bike.

Carrier / Lowrider

A folding carrier for a folding bike.

This is where we're particularly proud of the Birdy. The optional carrier is designed so that it collapses downwards when the bike is folded. Extended, fitting a pannier is child’s play. In combination with a Lowrider, the panniers can also be secured to the front wheel fork. And collapsed, the Lowrider becomes the pull handle for the Birdy. Sheer genius.

The best way to let the beauty of nature unfold is to travel by folding bike.

Configure your Birdy touring

Frame colour

Going for gold with every colour.

We could start talking about Goethe's colour theory at this point. Or provide a colour guide like a fashion magazine. But basically only one thing matters: the most beautiful colour is the one that you like the most.

Stem exchange

Get yourself in pole position.

A sporty ride through the city or perhaps a more comfortable trip with a more upright seating position? The choice is yours. The height-adjustable stems are available in a Sport version at a 21° angle for a dynamic seat position, or in the Comfort version at a 10° angle. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be the winner of that morning race through the city.

Carrier / Lowrider

A folding luggage carrier for a folding bike.

This is where we're particularly proud of the Birdy. The optional luggage carrier is designed so that it collapses downwards when the bike is folded. Extended, fitting a pannier is child’s play. In combination with a lowrider, the panniers can also be secured to the front wheel fork. And collapsed, the lowrider becomes the pull handle for the Birdy.


A bright future.

Always look your best when you ride. That's because every time you put your feet in the pedals, the virtually resistance-free hub dynamo makes the front Supernova E3 headlight and rear Supernova tail light illuminate. Thanks to the virtually unlimited lifespan of the high-performance LEDs, they’re designed to be permanently switched on - to ensure permanent safety.

Folding lock

Steal success from thieves.

With the 90 cm folding lock, the Birdy can be securely fastened to virtually anything. The innovative articulated design offers superb security and a low weight of just 1120g. If you want to continue your journey, it can be compactly folded up, disappears into a pouch and is Velcro-fastened to the bicycle frame.

Air pump

Apart from being out of breath, you'll never be short of air.

The high-quality SKS Spaero Sport air pump is happy to travel along with you if you want it to. Integrated into the seatpost, it is perfectly protected against weather and theft.

Frame and Suspension

Sunrace 10-speed, 9-32

Driveline, 52T, incl. Hollow Tech bottom bracket

Frame Colour
cyan*; graphite matt*; lime*; white*

Minoura for Birdy

Selle Royal Shadow

JD/Riese & Müller, Alu, 34,9 x 565mm
Power System

Front Hub
Chosen Mount, 32 Loch; Hub dynamo Shutter Precision*

Ergon ergonomic

TH No. 10, semi-integrated

Rear Hub
Sunrace, 32 Loch

Alex Crostini 1.1, 18"

TranzX, 40,0 mm, QR

Comfort 10°*; Sport 21°*

Tail Light
Supernova E3 E-Bike Tail Light 2*
Gear System


KMC X10 ( 111x )

Front Light
Supernova E3 Pure 3S*

Satori Horizon, 31,8 mm, 10°, B=540 mm

SKS Birdy

Shimano Deore, 10-speed

Shifting System
Shimano Deore Trekking, 10-speed
Brakes and Tyres

Shimano Deore, disc brake



Schwalbe Marathon Racer 40-355 Reflex

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