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250W Optimised Brushless Motor, Laminated core, IP6X watertight connector


30 - 60 miles

Sparticle 250 Watt Conversion Kit 2018

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Sparticle Electric Bike System

New for 2018 the Sparticle V9 S886 conversion system - Improved performance and neater integration. Still the best performing electric system for your bike, trike, folder, recumbent, velomobile, ice cream bike or eco-nappy delivery trike.....(yes it really exists).

Tried & Tested - Making Bikes Electric since 2005


  • Robust & reliable, enjoyed by thousands of revolutionary cyclists since 2005.
  • Highly engineered motor - all the power with minimum weight and noise, zero additional rolling resistance when off
  • Inconspicuous and uncompromising performance.


  • Low Profile LCD user interface
  • Sparticle Power MotorWheel 250W nominal hand built in the UK.
  • Advanced Lithium Battery 35 Amp peak
  • Smart Controller
  • Waterproof gold plated connectors throughout


  • Throttle - half twist or thumb*
  • PAS - pedal assist option
  • Performance - OverDrive (900W peak), Xtreme (1.6Kw peak power 21-23mph and not in line with current UK regulations)
  • Battery - 518Wh for OverDrive or 960Wh for Xtreme

*Thumb throttle - after testing our thumb throttle design we've made the costly decision to redesign the ergonomics for increased comfort. We almost had it right....but almost isn't good enough. If you need this option we'll let you know when available.


To ensure an enjoyable experience from the outset we recommend that you let us do the fitting. Although it can be done by a skilled mechanic with so much power under your control you may want to be confident nothing has been missed.

It's your transport - Your freedom - Treat yourself to the best!

Here's a video of an earlier iteration of this system blasting up a very steep climb. This is the OverDrive option and is fitted to a Brompton.

Power System

Lithium various capacities to suit

250W Optimised Brushless Motor, Laminated core, IP6X watertight connector

30 - 60 miles

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