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Bionx Retrofit e-Bike Kits

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BionX retro fit kits are available once again in the UK. To see the full details and prices please visit www.BionxUK.com

The BionX system is available for self assembly or our fitting service (recommended)

BionX systems are not cheap - but they are a highly engineered product, Canadian developed and built, extremely well built and very reliable.
The motors deliver an impressive 50Nm of torque, in complete silence.
They run at 48V which results in lower circuit currents than other lower voltage systems, and therefore increased reliabillity.
All BionX conversion kits are fully road legal, and come complete with the wheel fully built for your order (24", 26", 700c)
Workshop fitting is £100 in our shops.

The BionX now comes with a cassette type gear fitting rather than the older style freewheel fitting (for attaching the gears to the rear wheel).

So why might you choose a Bionx system over the other options available?

  1. To have a responsive pedal assist system rather than a throttle drive.
  2. Tidy package, uncomplicated to fit with the control unit inside the motor.
  3. Easy fit to the rear wheel (rear wheel drive only so you must use derailleur gears, not hub gears)
  4. extremely smooth power delivery with motor mounted torque sensing
  5. multi-level regenerative function for recapturing energy on the downhill
  6. Regenerative braking function built in - saves mechanical brake wear and is extremely efficient!


Prices are as follow (DT = Down Tube, RR = Rear Rack type or battery and L = Large capacity battery, XL = Extra Large capacity battery)

SL250 DT L = £1600
SL250 DT XL = £2000
SL250 RR L = £1700
SL250 RR XL = £2000

Plus delivery and fitting as required.

If you need further information, please contact your nearest store or go to the BionxUK.com website.

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