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Motorhome & Touring

We are delighted to have many touring electric bike customers and have special offers just for you – please contact our stores for details.

There are a few considerations specifically for touring e-Bikers and we would like to share these with you to help you make the right choice.

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Future Proof
Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been! (Mark Twain) This applies to all that follows because we want you to be able to enjoy your e-Bike for years to come. So at least consider the next 5 years and the suitability of the electric bicycle you're buying.

If you are lifting your electric bicycle onto a cycle carrier the height of the lift and the weight of the product should be considered. Anything over chest height significantly increases the risk of strain. May be a removable battery will help.

Hills & Range (Performance)
Most of our motorhome customers once they have their electric bike start to plan longer distance cycle trips and often wish to visit scenic sites – which are often atop tall hills. Performance varies dramatically between electric bikes regardless of listed specification. Talk to us about your intended use so we can ensure you won't be disappointed.

Plan for the worst and enjoy the best. You are likely to be enjoying your electric bicycles a long way from suitable support. Should you need it we want to be able to help wherever you are. Electric bikes with fully modular electrics allow us to diagnose a fault and you to fit a replacement part without specific technical knowledge. It's likely that you will plan your holidays around the use of these fantastic products and we want to ensure nothing is spoiled if you encounter an issue.

Double Trouble-free Electric Bikes
If you are buying 2 electric bikes consider getting e-Bikes using the same eGroupset (battery, motor etc). This allows for many conveniences such as sharing batteries, chargers and of course.