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Winter Battery Care

- Keep * It * Warm -


Battery range decreases in winter. Are you prepared?

Most batteries will have a reduced performance during colder months. This means for electric bikes the mileage you can get out of your e-Bike battery will also drop.

Why does this happen?

The chemical reaction required to produce the electrical power works better above 15˚C. Under this temperature there is an increase of internal resistance which makes it harder for the battery to perform.

Your lithium battery produces electrical power for your electric bicycle via a chemical reaction inside the battery cells. This chemical reaction works best at certain temperatures with 20˚C being pretty ideal. You can actually benefit from improved performance in warmer climates (above 20˚C) thanks to a resultant drop of internal resistance however you may pay for it with increased degradation and a lower cycle life.

What can I do about it?

The good news is that you can take steps to minimise the performance drop and performance will return with the warmer weather.


Try and keep the battery in a warm place when not in use. Bring it indoors overnight, don't leave it in a cold garage or outside. That way when you put it back on the bike in the morning the core temperature will still be above 15˚C.

If you're using it to commute, bring it in with you while you work instead of leaving it outside on the bike. Bring your charger with you if you find you are using more than half the battery's energy to get you to work in the morning or be prepared to pedal it some of the way back unassisted! 

If you're unsure if it's cold weather or just old age that is making your battery seem less capable, we can test it for you. Just get in touch with your nearest store.

What if I don't use it during Winter?

If you park your electric bicycle up during winter then it is best to store your battery somewhere cool and just under 50% state of charge (if you have an accurate digital battery gauge 40% is ideal).

Maintain this state of charge or as a guideline charge it for 1 hour every 2 months.

We hope this guide helps you to get the most out of your e-Bike and manage your winter eBiking.

If you have any questions just email: sales@electricbikesales.co.uk

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