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What’s wrong with electric bike insurance?

Words by Eddie

on 12/08/2019 18:59:00

What’s wrong with electric bike insurance?

To remain competitive or simply to make more profit your insurer may insist that your replacement electric bike is provided by an affiliate company often based many miles away from you. While this may ‘sort of’ work for traditional bikes it can certainly leave you out of pocket or stranded if your replacement ebike is supplied this way.

Why insurers should let you replace an e-bike locally

E-bikes are great and can provide a lot of fun. They can also be a fairly expensive outlay with top of the range sports models costing upwards of £5,000.

So, what if something goes wrong with an expensive e-bike? That nagging worry is why most people like to have insurance or a warranty in place for a new e-bike.

This article looks at some of the issues involved in replacing your e-bike and what kind of insurance company you need to work with to make life easier for yourself.

Problems with returning e-bikes

Something goes wrong with your e-bike. You’re insured so you think to yourself, everything should be fine. But you may still have more than a few headaches getting a replacement if the bike was not bought from a local retailer.

A faulty e-bike is a large item for the buyer to return. Re-packaging a bike is difficult even if you have kept the original box. If not you have to try and find one that is not only big enough, but also strong enough with enough packaging to protect the bike. (Good luck!)

And let’s face it, it’s not going to be cheap to ship such a heavy item either.

If you do successfully send back your e-bike, then there are also expensive delivery costs for the e-bike manufacturer or retailer to send you out a replacement. It becomes a costly process for everyone involved.

Another issue is the risk of damage. Larger packages are more likely to be damaged in transit, and you may need to insure your e-bike for the journey which adds yet more costs.

The e-bike battery problem

Ebike batteries add their own headache to the returns process.

While the battery is one of the most essential components of an e-bike, they are also one of the most expensive and difficult to package and ship.

The problem is that the lithium batteries used in ebikes are expensive to transport because there are lots of rules and regulations prohibiting how they can be transported.

In the worst case scenario lithium batteries can explode if they are faulty, punctured, or crushed and they require very particular certified packaging before any courier will consider transporting them.

100Wh batteries or above have special shipping restrictions.

Why your electric bike insurance company should let you replace your e-bike locally

There are lots of benefits for the e-bike owner and the insurance company in allowing replacements from local e-bike shops. Firstly there are less shipping costs for buyer and manufacturer or retailer of the bike. It is also better for the environment with less environmental impact and less shipping of bulky items.

A new e-bike bedding in process requires a service after a few hundred miles, if the insurance company only allows you to get a replacement from an affiliate hundreds of miles away you won’t benefit from this usually free service and your bike is likely to suffer from some bedding in issues some of which can lead to safety hazards.

That means more potential problems for the replacement bike if it is not serviced and potentially more costs for the you.

Another great reason to choose an e-bike insurer that will let you replace your e-bike locally is that you should be able to get your hands on a new replacement e-bike much sooner, and get back out on the road again.