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It's time to go electric

Words by Stuart on 31/05/2022 14:30:00

Riese and Muller e bike Commute to Work

Spoiler alert: electric vehicles will replace fossil fuel-powered cars. That won't be news unless you live under a rock.

Like it or not, it's the future, and it's coming….soon!!

While electric cars are undeniably the future and represent the single most significant shift in the private transportation sector, they aren't the only solution.

The major drawback to buying an electric car is that the cost is prohibitive to most British households.

Ebikes cost a fraction of a Tesla or any other fancy electric car you hear about. And each one of them will get you around the town/city faster, use less energy, for less money, and with a big smile on your face.

Solving the many issues of urban transportation needs various solutions, and electric bikes surely need to be part of the solution.

Are you tired of being stuck in traffic? Ride an e-bike.
Driving too expensive? Ride an e-bike.
As for parking? Ride an e-bike.
Need a little more exercise? Ride an e-bike.

As petrol prices surge, electric bikes — especially cargo models that can carry the kids and shopping — could replace car trips, saving fuel and making our roads safer.

Kids Sleeping

Part of the challenge is to shift our way of thinking and realise that e-bikes and e-cargo bikes are fundamentally more useful than traditional push bikes. For decades, most adult bikes have been sold to "weekend warriors" rather than people riding to the office or nipping to the shop. For most, a bike is something you put in your car and take to a place to ride in a circle before bringing it back home again. But the story changes dramatically when you add battery power. As a result, people use e-bikes for trips for which they would otherwise use a car.

Yes, e-bikes are not cheap, but when you factor in the cost of running a car, i.e. fuel, insurance, tax etc. Most of our customers see a return on their investment within two years. For the price of one Tesla, you could give an entire block of flats full of people their own eBike.

Electric bikes solve even more issues than cost and convenience; they also represent part of the solution to the long-term environmental problems that we don't like to talk about.

All for a fraction of the price of an electric car.

Imagine a city where every short car trip is replaced with an eco-friendly bike- cleaner air and safer streets."

Many fear a climate catastrophe, and changing our transportation habits is one of several ways we can make a meaningful contribution to our environment.

It's important not to overlook the many other helpful solutions available. For example, another critical step towards reducing the use of cars would be to improve public transportation systems.

Electric cars are great, but the importance of electric bikes should not be overlooked.

There is quite a bit we can do, small and large, to help reduce our impact on climate change.

Raleigh Stride 2 eCargo Bike

Ditch the car. The school run just got fun. The Raleigh Stride 2 is an elegant, eco-friendly two-wheeled alternative to typical family transport. Designed with practicality in mind, this classy cargo bike can carry a lot. Kids, pets, parcels, the weekly shop - you name it, the Stride has got the whole family covered. With a large load capacity and cargo area to transport the children, combined with all the efficiency of electrical assistance, you can forget honking the horn when you're stuck in traffic - instead, pedal the stress of rush hour away on the Stride.

  • 2 wheel cargo ebike
  • bosch performance cx cargo line motor, designed to perform with heavier loads, adapts accordingly to weight onboard
  • with a range of 40 miles on a single charge; the stride delivers peace of mind, undertaking multiple short journeys with plenty left in the tank.
  • Integrated lights mean you can keep cargoing in lower light and keep you and your precious cargo more visible in traffic
  • british weather wont hold you back either, thanks to built-in mudguards
  • 1000Wh - we can upgrade this model to dual battery
  • options including rain tent
RieseRiese and Muller Load 75 Vario Electric Bike Coal Grey Matt

The Load 75.
Even more space for your freedom.

Feel the wind in your hair, enjoy the speed, quick stops and fast starting. And take as much with you as you need. This is what freedom feels like. With its low centre of gravity, Riese & Müller Control Technology and a huge loading surface, the Load 75 combines riding dynamics and load options, like no other E-Cargo bike. The strong, latest-generation Bosch Performance CX motor delivers hitherto unknown power. And the Load 75 is also extremely reliable, thanks to its high-grade components.

Riese and Muller Multicharger Mixte GT Vario 750 Electric Bike Utility Grey/Black Matt

The Multicharger Mixte.
Everything and everyone on board.
Taking the two little ones to nursery during the week, heading off on a day outing with kit and caboodle or perhaps a big family shopping trip? No matter what your plans are: the Multicharger Mixte is up for anything. What’s its special feat? It handles with the lightness of a normal E-Bike, while boasting superior safety. And, thanks to the comfortable step-through, getting on and off could not be easier.
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