Haibike 2018 Electric Bike Reveal

Words by Eddie

on 13/08/2019 07:08:00

Haibike sDuro 7.0 full suspension Bosch powertube electric mountain bike

Haibike today launched their 2018 models and here is your first look.

Haibike are the worlds leading electric mountain bike brand and they have a range of very cool urban and trekking models too.

Haibike xDuro AllMtn 9.0 full suspension Bosch powertube electric mountain bike


Sometimes a brand can be so innovative that no part of their business escapes the urge to improve. Along with the many exciting announcements below Haibike have re-modelled their naming structure. From 2018 their sDuro and xDuro brands will relate to different product types and no longer distinguish between the Bosch and Yamaha motor systems.

Haibike realised people already easily distinguish the amazing Yamaha systems and the dominant Bosch systems so the sDuro and xDuro brands can be used to help people understand the market Haibike are specifying the models for. So from 2018:

sDuro = Active and ePerformance

xDuro = ePerformance and Extreme

The model numbers indicating the component level specified will again run from 1-10 and there will be some cross-over but roughly speaking this time model numbers from 1-6 will indicate Yamaha PWseries and 7-10 will indicate Bosch Performance line CX and Yamaha PW-x.

Haibike sDuro Bosch powertube electric mountain bike hardtail

Bosch InTube Batteries

Read more about Bosch Power Tube batteries here.

Of course you will see plenty of in frame battery options using Bosch power tube batteries on 2018 Haibike models starting  at around the £3000 price point. The advantage of this design is mostly aesthetic but people do like to be fashionable rather than practical and Bosch has largely ignored eBike consumers with an eye for clean lines and a preference for in frame batteries until now.

At least now with Haibike and Bosch these style conscious electric cyclists can count on their system being reliable and stylish at the same time.

Haibike sDuro Trekking 9.0 urban Bosch powertube electric bike

Modular Rail System

On top of the Bosch InTube battery compartment Haibike are fitting what they call a Modular Rail System. This rail can be used to mount several useful accessories and even an additional battery. Yes you read it right! You will be able to mount another Bosch frame battery onto the modular rail and double your range using the Bosch Dual Battery technology.

The other accessories you can add include a tool bag/case and a fast click lock dock. Below you can see the dual battery setup with one InTube power tube battery and one frame mount sitting above on Haibikes modular rail.

Haibike sDuro HardNine 7.0 hardtail Bosch electric mountain bike

Yamaha PWseries and PW-x Electric Bike Motor Systems

For 2017 Yamaha introduced their highest performance motor system to date with the PW-x sporting a peak Torque of 80Nm. For 2018 Yamaha are introducing an addition to their PWseries called the PWseries SE. Read more about this system and how it compares to the now established Yamaha ebike motor systems here.

Haibike have models sporting the PW-se and the PW-x motor systems.


The Yamaha eConnect system with all kinds of useful features such as route planning, theft alert, bike location, accident alert and more will be available as an after market product for Haibikes with the PW-se and PW-x motors. Whether it will be compatible with Bosch remains to be seen...you'll find out here first.

Images from the launch coming soon.