Bosch's New eMTB Mode

Words by Eddie

on 12/08/2019 19:04:00


Most E-bike fans will already be aware of the brand Bosch, who are known as one the most forward thinking companies in the Electric Bike market. They have enhanced that reputation with the recent news that they will be rolling out a new software feature for their Performance Line CX drive system.

What is this new e-bike software?

The new software will replace the existing Sport mode on the Bosch Performance Line CX drive system, with a new mode called eMTB. This mode is specifically built for the eMTB, (the electric mountain bike) and will now offer improved torque response for trail-riding.

Bosch claim the software will automatically detect and register the amount of pressure that is being exerted on the pedals by the rider, and in turn will apply pedal assist in accordance to this to help the rider in their off-roading experience.

How does it work?

This sensory software update will replace the existing sport mode on Bosch EBikes. Up until now, the sport mode has offered a steady unchangeable 210 per cent boost in power, whereas the new system with its greater efficiency will provide anywhere between 120 to 300 per cent of existing pedal power.

Although this is the first of this kind of technology we have seen being talked about on the market, Bosch has claimed that this will be far from a proto-type run, with the company reiterating and advertising that the sensors are of the highest quality. It has been claimed that the electronic system will make almost instantaneous adjustments when riding, generally making electric mountain biking an even better past time.

What will this mean for you?

Fans of mountain biking will generally recognise that terrain will change relatively sharply when navigating a trail. Although the existing Sport system undoubtedly helps riders, it can sometimes be detrimental in situations that may require a little more delicacy or a greater level of control.

With Bosch’s new eMTB mode automatically adjusting the level of assistance provided by the E-Bike, this problem will be solved, and those who partake in the more adventurous side of the sport will immediately see the benefits.

The torque range accessible without a change of cadence puts the mountain bike rider back in familiar territory controlling the response of the bike by pedal pressure (albeit with apparently bionic legs). Transitions between uphill and downhill inclines will feel more natural, and mountainous terrain will be much easier and safer to navigate.

The new eTMB mode will take eMTB and electric bikes to new heights.

How do I get it?

Rather admirably, Bosch has announced the technology is not being sold as a separate add-on, nor is it only being released on upcoming models. Instead, the upgrade will be provided by a system update, those who own existing Electric Bikes that run on the Performance Line CX system will be able to install the new update on their bikes.

The only drawback is that Ebike owners will have to take their bike to a local Bosch retailer to have the update installed, but at least it’s another reason to get out on your e-bike and go for another ride!

That said we love to see our customers in store and really appreciate if you’ve had to travel some distance to get to us. I’d like to let you know that if you bought your eMTB from us we will be offering these updates completely free of charge.

If you bought your eMTB elsewhere we will still perform the updte but there will be a £25 fee to cover our time and as always our customers get priority.