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What are the stand out features of the best electric bike systems for 2017?

We will continue to update this information as details become available.

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Progress in Lithium Battery Technology As the electric vehicle (EV) and ebike market continues its rapid growth in both the US and the UK, some exciting news has recently been announced which will have a major effect on the industry. Researchers have developed a new battery system which will allow EVs to be recharged almost instantaneously.  This technology, dubbed the ‘Ifbattery’ by its creators, can be produced cheaply and is environmentally friendly. It uses a system known as a flow battery, but has been adapted to work without the membranes usually used in such units. T..

Royal Dutch Gazelle e-Bike Awards

Royal Dutch Gazelle e-Bike Awards

Why do we offer Royal Dutch Gazelle electric bikes to our customers above other options?

Because we know they make some of the best urban ebikes available and they are relatively very well priced. Actually we love several of their bikes!

They don't just look good, they also feel great to ride and last a life time. We appreciate that it takes a lot of research to become comfortable with a purchase choice and to feel you've arrived at an unbiased balanced decision so we'd like to help by listing a few of Gazelles awards. You don't have to take just our word for it:

2016Ultimate S8 Winner of Telegraph National Biketest 2016 - Tour bike
2016CityZen C8 HMB 'Sehr gut' in ElektroRad Germany - January 2016
2016Miss Grace 'Gut' in ElektroRad Germany - January 2016
2015Winnaar Aktiv Radfahren Empfehlung: Ultimate C11
2015Best e-bike till € 2.500 ANWB: Orange C7 HM
2015Winner Telegraaf Bike Test E-bike from € 2.500: Ultimate T2i HM
2015Winner Telegraaf Bike Test Touring Bike till € 1.249: Ultimate T1
2015Nomination Speed E-bike of the Year 2015: Impulse EM Speed
2015Nomination Bike of the Year 2015: Van Stael
2014Winner National Bike Test till € 1.000: Eclipse LTD
2014Sportive winner AD Bike Test 2014: Ultimate C1
2013Bike Innovation Award: Gazelle Cleanbar
2012Nomination Bike of the Year 2013: Esprit Urban
2011Three Dutch Good Industrial Design Awards: Friiik, Balance Innergy and the PowerClick Evo integrated kick-stand
2011Bike of the Year: Eclipse Limited Edition
2010Special Award Bike of the Year: Ultimate Excellent
2009Recognition of Good Industrial Design: FenderVision headlamp
2009Special Award Bike of the Year: Montreux Limited Edition
2009Bike of the Year: Chamonix Innergy
2008Dutch Design Award: Tranza transport bicycle
2008Recognition of Good Industrial Design: Orange Innergy
2007ANWB Children’s Choice
2007Special Award Bike of the Year: Orange Limited Edition
2006ANWB Children’s Choice: Bumper 26"
2006Bike Innovation Award: Gazelle Lite Hybrid Superior
2006Bike Innovation Award: Gazelle Power Eye headlamp
2005Bike of the Year: Orange Limited Edition
2003ANWB Children's Choice: Shift
2002ANWB Children’s Choice
2002Bike of the Year: ScooterBike Pro
2001Gelderland Design Award: Tranza folding bike
2001Bike Innovation Award: Gazelle Comfort Seat
1997Recognition of Good Industrial Design
1997ANWB Children’s Choice
1996Bike of the Year: Skydrive
1995Honourable Mention Bike of the Year: Medeo
1995Bike of the Year: Espresso
1994ANWB Children’s Choice Junior FietsRAI
1991Bike of the Year: Randstad
1988Bike of the Year: Roadcruiser

Posted by Eddie Kehoe

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