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What are the stand out features of the best electric bike systems for 2017?

We will continue to update this information as details become available.

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Progress in Lithium Battery Technology As the electric vehicle (EV) and ebike market continues its rapid growth in both the US and the UK, some exciting news has recently been announced which will have a major effect on the industry. Researchers have developed a new battery system which will allow EVs to be recharged almost instantaneously.  This technology, dubbed the ‘Ifbattery’ by its creators, can be produced cheaply and is environmentally friendly. It uses a system known as a flow battery, but has been adapted to work without the membranes usually used in such units. T..

Eddie Kehoe

Short Cyclist? A Selection of Electric Bikes Just For You
E-bikes for Shorter People We all know how important a well-fitting bike can be, but many shorter cyclists say they find it tricky to find a model that suits them. As a result they may experience problems with posture and find it harder to pedal comfortably and safely. Electric Bikes For Shorter Cyclists Riding an e-bike can be both a hindrance and a help on this front. The extra assistance from the motor will help to make pedalling easier but the added equipment (eGroupset) makes the machine heavier and potentially more difficult to push around until you know how.This doesn’t ..
Bosch eBike Anti-Crash System
Bosch Presents Patent for Anti-Crash SystemGerman company Bosch has submitted a patent application for both a method and a device that are designed to prevent riders from falling off of their e-bikes.Bosch designed for electric bikes.Apparently designed for electric bicycles, the manufacturer claims to have put together a counter-torque device that uses sensors to alert the system when a rider has tackled a jump with a little too much force.To correct forward or backward momentum, the torque system will make an adjustment to rider trajectory that is counter to the lift direction, causin..
Panasonic Electric Mountain Bike System XM1
A look at the new Panasonic eMTB systemPanasonic Cycle Tech Co., Ltd. have designed a new mountain e-bike engineered for high performance. The XM 1 electric assist vehicle has a battery integrated into the frame for added simplicity and functionality and a newly developed sports drive unit. Panasonic say that sports drive realises a smooth and powerful assist feeling via a direct drive mechanism that transmits the assist force to the crank axis. The new drive unit is designed to allow for use in town and stop start journeys and for use with a different mode suitable for continued travel..
Visit Any Of Our Stores in November.......and test ride an ebike for the first time to receive a free set of Veloman lights.It's winter...Brrrrrrr....it's getting cold and dark and we would like to help cyclists be safe while promoting the many benefits of electric bikes.What eBike Lights are we giving away?While we do have special ebike lights, these ones will attach to any bike and help to keep you safe while cycling this winter.They are VeloMan powerful Dual LED lights with a silicon based skin to protect and mount the light.Why Are eBikes Great For Winter?Electric bikes are great for winte..
eBike Demo Days
Special Electric Bike Demo DaysOf course you can visit any of our stores any time to test ride to your hearts content and ask as many questions as you like to help you choose the right ebike for you. We do however have special promotion days to showcase electric bikes from a particular manufacturer or genre and in this new list for (mostly) 2018 models you will find our upcoming electric bike demo days and demo day offers.Riese & Muller demo days@York Store - October 31st 2017@Cambridge Store - Saturday November 18th 2017@Bristol Store - Saturday November 25th 2017@Oxford Store - Satu..
UK Electric Bike Subsidy
The UK may introduce an eBike subsidyRoads minister Jesse Norman indicated that a subsidy for electric bikes is being considered along with the current subsidy for electric cars.eBikes To Help Combat the UK Health CrisisJesse wants to force local councils to encourage an increase in cycling to counteract the effects of pollution and inactive lifestyles.A Safe Place for a 12 Year Old To CycleHe would like to see a transition to a world (presumably he meant the UK) where 12 year olds can cycle safely. There won't be an increase in funding for cycle infrastructure but the government could put mor..
Bosch Announce They Are Buying COBICOBI design and manufacture technology to allow cyclists to make their smartphone the centre of their cycling life handling communication, infotainment, and linking to many useful apps. There is also an element of cycle security.Of course the biggest success for COBI has been in combination with electric bikes and so they already produce an interface for Bosch powered ebikes.The COBI hardware attaches to your electric bike and they have integrations for Bosch and other ebike systems....although this may not continue once Bosch are the owners. COBI Main F..
Haibike voted 'Best Brand' by E-MountainBike Magazine
Haibike Celebrates 'Best Brand' Award For Third Consecutive Year.Haibike has been awarded the Readers' Choice ‘Best Brand’ award by  E-Mountainbike Magazine for the third consecutive year.See all Haibike Models Here.See all Haibike Clearance Offers Here.Based on a survey of over 8,000 respondents, E-Mountainbike Magazine’s annual survey is designed to gauge brand preference in the world of electrically assisted mountain-biking. Upon award of this prestigious title, E-Moutainbike Magazine said the results showed that "Haibike builds the best E-MTBs and ranks as our re..
Worlds Most Customised Ebike
Electric Bike Customisation Taken To The ExtremeSome people choose to maintain a certain sense of normality about themselves and the products they purchase. Others use their products to reflect an alternative normality or a sense of character. At Electric Bike Sales we believe our customers are similar and different in wonderful ways and your visits to our stores make what we do fun and worthwhile. Here we introduce one customer and their ebike, brought to us this morning for a diagnosis.Why?When you come across something unique and full of character or unusual and entertaining the polite thin..
Riese and Müller 2018 Electric Bikes
A look at the newly announced Riese and Müller 2018 range Riese and Müller recently released details of their new range of e-bikes, which is billed as "the definition of pure, unadulterated freedom” because of its “integration, range and riding dynamics”. The collection features several new versions of familiar machines alongside some other, more innovative designs.Like to R-M look?  See the 2018 ebikes here. Celebrating 25 years of Riese and Müller Heading up the range is the Delite GT signature, which is essentially the e-bike Heiko Müller and Markus Riese woul..
The Raleigh Captus has been voted the best mid-range electric bike in a review for the Guardian newspaper.Check out the Raleigh Captus ebikes here.See the announcement from Raleigh:Check out the Raleigh Captus ebikes here.The article also mentions the little Freego folder as one of the best entry level ebikes. See Freego models here.Philip Dalton test rode some ebikes from our Bristol store and in the end chose one of our great value Cube electric bikes. See 2 of the most popular Cube ebikes here: Touring Hybrid EXC and the Reaction Hybrid SL and the Cross Hybrid Race...
Bosch 'Power Tube' In-Frame / In-Tube Battery for 2018
A first look at the Bosch Integrated PowerTube ebike battery  Bosch recently announced the release of its first integrated e-bike battery pack; the PowerTube 500. This is planned to appear on bikes in 2018 and looks set to transform their range in years to come, making it harder to tell at a glance if a machine is an e-bike or not. Bosch PowerTube Battery DesignThe lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 500Wh and measures 349x84x65mm. Bosch has said that, weighing only 2.8kg, it is one of the lightest battery packs on the market, although it is still about 200g heavier than the..
Haibike 2018 Electric Bike Reveal
Haibike today launched their 2018 models and here is your first look.Haibike are the worlds leading electric mountain bike brand and they have a range of very cool urban and trekking models too.Renaming.....AgainSometimes a brand can be so innovative that no part of their business escapes the urge to improve. Along with the many exciting announcements below Haibike have re-modelled their naming structure. From 2018 their sDuro and xDuro brands will relate to different product types and no longer distinguish between the Bosch and Yamaha motor systems.Haibike realised people already easily disti..
Yamaha Electric Bike PWseries SE Motor for 2018
Yamaha launch a new eBike motor for 2018Another year and another Yamaha electric bike motor. Yamaha launch the 2018 PW-se motor to compliment their current range including the PW and PW-x.The PWseries and PWseries SE motorswill look the same with the exception of the Yamaha logo colour on the case. The PW will have a white logo and the PW-se will have a red Yamaha logo.The main difference is the max cadence supported by each motor. The PW is 100rpm while the PW-se increases this to 110rpm. The effect of this increase will allow the PW-se to offer more assistance relative to a higher cadence. T..
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