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What are the stand out features of the best electric bike systems for 2017?

We will continue to update this information as details become available.

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Progress in Lithium Battery Technology As the electric vehicle (EV) and ebike market continues its rapid growth in both the US and the UK, some exciting news has recently been announced which will have a major effect on the industry. Researchers have developed a new battery system which will allow EVs to be recharged almost instantaneously.  This technology, dubbed the ‘Ifbattery’ by its creators, can be produced cheaply and is environmentally friendly. It uses a system known as a flow battery, but has been adapted to work without the membranes usually used in such units. T..

Mountain Bike Addiction

Electric Mountain Bikes are taking the mountain bike world by storm.


They let you do everything you normally do only +MORE = FASTER + LONGER + HARDER


Before people try an eMTB they may think that it's like riding a motor bike with pedals but that's not the way it works. eMTB bikes such as Haibike using the Yamaha or Bosch systems seamlessly blend the power with your natural riding style, they don't take over they +ENHANCE allowing you to do what you'd dare to do if you were 3 times as strong such as:

  1. Get around the trail twice as many times in one day
  2. Have as much fun climbing as descending while doing as much work as you want to do
  3. Attacking the trails with the same intensity all day long
  4. Exploring where you've previously not dared
  5. Realising new potential and maximising the fun and fitness


If anyone remembers the Six Million Dollar Man (if you're not old enough check it out - it's legendary....see video) then you can imagine what it might feel like to turn on your Bionic Abilities.

This hilarious article from Bike Radar shows you how to tell if you are a mountain bike addict.

Posted by Eddie Kehoe

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