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What are the stand out features of the best electric bike systems for 2017?

We will continue to update this information as details become available.

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We are open Easter Friday & Saturday from 10am to 5pm and other times by appointment.In store we will have some special easter offers.After eating all those chocolate eggs you'll probably want to get out for some fresh air and spring sunshine!To help you get an e-bike and make the most of early spring every easter we have a great 2 day online offer!For Sunday 16th and Monday 17th April for 10% discount simply enter this coupon code during checkout EggyeBikeThis offer is limited to the 1st 30 ebike orders.Discounts unfortunately not available with cycle to work schemes, finance or othe..

Mothers Day Special 2017

If you love your Mum buy her an eBike and set her free!

Here at TETS HQ we love our Mums and believe Mothers Day is a chance to show gratitude for everything they've done for us.

So why not help them where it counts most? = Getting from A to B.

We've written a little tongue twister to celebrate our Mums cycling.

Many Mums cycle and many could cycle more, and many more could cycle, if they haven't done before.

So if your mum can cycle or should cycle more help them buy an e-bike and cycle ever more.

To help Mums cycle our Mothering Week discount available on low step, womens and unisex frames is 10% and includes electric bikes from Gazelle, Raleigh, Cube, Scott and Haibike.

enter the coupon code: MUMsCYCLE during checkout or call for a £100 discount (including other offers). Limited to the 1st 50 customers, ends March 28th.

If something a little special is needed have a look at these options: Bergamont A8, Raleigh Captus, Gazelle Orange C7+HMB

We only have a few bikes of each model available for this offer so if you're interested a deposit will hold the bike and price for you.

Remember electric bikes change lives and studies show that you get 80% of the health benefits of cycling a normal bike and women in particular cycle much more.

Here's to MUMs and cycling and never stopping :-)

Posted by Eddie Kehoe