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What are the stand out features of the best electric bike systems for 2017?

We will continue to update this information as details become available.

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New features for 2019 Bosch Performance Line CX

New features for 2019 Bosch Performance Line CX

Key Updates for Bosch eMTB 2019

Leading e-bike manufacturer Bosch has unveiled a pair of new features and upgrades for the Performance Line CX 2019 model.

An announcement from Bosch claims the new model, which will include the eMTB mode, will be capable of mastering tough mountain trails much more easily than previous models.

One of the new features that helps deliver greater performance in challenging mountain conditions for the Performance Line CX will be the 2019 walk assistance. This update provides efficient and even movement of e-mountain bikes when moving uphill.

Bosch ebike gradient sensor

The smart piece of technology behind the 2019 walk assistance feature is a gradient sensor, which auto adapts to the incline. The result is that the target speed is achieved at a much quicker rate. 

The optimised walk assistance also makes it easier to make progress against resistance or obstacles from the road or trail surface. 

New update for short cranks

A new application for the Performance Line CX ensures optimum power transmission on eMountain bikes with shorter cranks.

This is especially important as more mountain bikers are choosing shorter cranks for safety and performance reasons. Technical uphill sections can involve negotiating past roots, stones and rocks. Lower pedals can sometimes catch these obstacles and lead to a fall or crash. 


Shorter cranks are prefered by riders to create more ground clearance from the pedals and avoid the danger of clipping or digging in.  


The problem with short cranks is that they change the power transmission of the bike and the maximum available support from the motor.

How do shorter cranks change the assist level?

The concept of 'torque sensing' is one where a turning force (your exertion on the pedals) is quantified via sensing mechanisms and software. The information about how hard you are pushing on the pedals can be used by the 'system' along with other data being collected such as cadence, bike speed and motor rpm to allow it to respond in the best way to what it assumes you need of it.

The torque you apply to the pedals is hugely important because it is essentially this that Bosch wants to amplify but to make it feel natural and for it to be useful Bosch have created algorithms to calculate in fractions of a second the best way to introduce the systems power so it feels like your power.

With shorter cranks the amount of torque you can apply may be reduced (as always other factors play a part too) and this results in a power output profile that may be less than optimal.

Bosch has been fine tuning the bias the system gives to each data set it receives and most of it's tinkering has been in relation to eMTB use because the variety of riding scenarios, riding styles, terrain, bikes and components varies far more than urban bikes. It's fascinating and I think Bosch must get a kick out of trying to make the perfect eMTB system.

So the answer to the problem of shorter cranks Mr Bosch is...

Tell your ebike system the length of your cranks and it's calculations will fall in line and the desired output will result. New software allowing dealers to change the length will be available for 2019 systems.



New Bosch Display for 2019

There are rumours that Bosch are working on a high definition colour display to join their current eGroupset offerings. It may be smaller and centrally mounted but the key specification will be the resolution and the quality of the Bosch eBike display screen. More news when Bosch confirm details.

New Bosch Software for 2019

The new software allows Bosch eBike Systems to deliver maximum power on uphill sections.

This is achieved by adapting the progression curve in eMTB mode and by increasing support in tour mode. 


The new software can be installed by dealers from the 2019 Model Year onwards. 


both new innovations are included with the 2019 Model Year, but you'll be happy to hear with Bosches updates systems from the 2016 model year onwards can benefit.



*Torque sensor image courtesy of machine design.com




Posted by Eddie Kehoe