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What are the stand out features of the best electric bike systems for 2017?

We will continue to update this information as details become available.

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Yamaha Electric Bike PWseries SE Motor for 2018

Yamaha Electric Bike PWseries SE Motor for 2018

Yamaha launch a new eBike motor for 2018

Another year and another Yamaha electric bike motor. Yamaha launch the 2018 PW-se motor to compliment their current range including the PW and PW-x.

The PWseries and PWseries SE motors

will look the same with the exception of the Yamaha logo colour on the case. The PW will have a white logo and the PW-se will have a red Yamaha logo.

The main difference is the max cadence supported by each motor. The PW is 100rpm while the PW-se increases this to 110rpm. The effect of this increase will allow the PW-se to offer more assistance relative to a higher cadence. This can come in handy when bursts of acceleration/support are needed when the cadence is already high.

The support profile of the motors remain identical with 4 levels from +ECO 50%, ECO 100%, STD 190%, High 280%. Peak torque remains 70Nm.

A big difference between the two PWseries motors is hidden inside the PW-se. It includes Bluetooth connectivity with the fairly vague suggestion that it will be compatible with a compact multi-function meter. It is likely this will be a smart phone app and possibly support the e-Connect functions. The Yamaha 2018 PWseries SE motor will also include CAN bus communication protocol already used by Bosch for several years. This can be used to integrate more user and dealer functions and make software updates (potentially over the air via a smart phone app). This is a huge step forward for the Yamaha system which until now have not tweaked the software based on data gather from it's customers. Bosch have been exceptionally responsive with updates based on user data.

In addition to the above differences the PWseries SE will also have two assist level profile variants for OEM manufacturers to choose. The Black Spec and the Green Spec.

The Black Spec will have a livelier feeling with more torque available at low cadence.

The Green Spec will have less assistance at lower speeds (potentially similar to the Bosch Active line assist profile) and is aimed at urban electric bikes.


The PW-se will offer the same display and thumb control setup as the PW-x series.

Posted by Eddie Kehoe