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What are the stand out features of the best electric bike systems for 2017?

We will continue to update this information as details become available.

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Progress in Lithium Battery Technology As the electric vehicle (EV) and ebike market continues its rapid growth in both the US and the UK, some exciting news has recently been announced which will have a major effect on the industry. Researchers have developed a new battery system which will allow EVs to be recharged almost instantaneously.  This technology, dubbed the ‘Ifbattery’ by its creators, can be produced cheaply and is environmentally friendly. It uses a system known as a flow battery, but has been adapted to work without the membranes usually used in such units. T..

Cycling Adds €1000 / Person to the European Economies

Everyone has got to know that cycling is a good thing to do for themselves and their environment but few probably appreciate the full impact cycling can have on their nation.

The reality is that the positive effects of cycling range far and wide and thanks to this study we can quantify and appreciate those benefits. The study shows that cycling adds approximately €1000 per person (not just cyclists) of economic benefit.

Imagine if we could double the number of people cycling to work over the next 5-10 years. Imagine how nice it would be to breath fresher air, to feel healthier and think clearer, to save money on transport and to contribute to a change for the better all the while building a stronger economy.

To read the report see here.

OK doubling the number of cyclists in 5-10 years may seem like a Great Big Hairy Audacious Goal but with the range of modern electric bikes the impossible may be less impossible. eBikes are offering greater value and reliability than ever and they are now being bought in huge numbers in the UK and so many people are buying them instead of cars that car manufacturers are making their own ebikes. Just google almost any car manufacturer followed by 'electric bike' to see.

Being among the first pioneering retailers in the world to specialise in electric bikes we know how much the products have improved. See some of the amazing eBikes we have now at great prices - start with our special offers.

Here's to cycling and never stopping!

Posted by Eddie Kehoe