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What are the stand out features of the best electric bike systems for 2017?

We will continue to update this information as details become available.

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As Ofo bike share bikes roll into Cambridge I wonder if they will deliver the needed cycling boost to the city.Cycling is great - the best way to get around your locality bar none. Cost effective, healthy, convenient, kind to humans and our planet.The bike share industry has grown dramatically especially in China where companies like Ofo are able to generate steady revenues from daily users and thereby attract investors keen to get in on the next big disruptive market.This excitement has not gone unnoticed in the UK where councillors keen to find a solution for pollution, congestion and parkin..

On the BBC Again - Bike of the Future

Electric Bikes on the BBC again.

It would seem eBikes are everywhere in 2017 and there are few people in the UK yet to hear how amazing they are.

See what reaction a random selection of people have to their 1st test ride on a Haibike electric bike.

Inside the Factory airs this Sunday 26th March at 6pm on BBC2 staring Greg Wallace, Cherry Healey and Ruth Goodman.

The program gives a rare look inside the Brompton folding bike factory following a Brompton through all stages of production. They visit the Brooks saddle factory, talk to Cycling Team GB about riding tips and meet legendary bike designer Mike Burrows to see his latest creation.

All bikes are put to the test to see which is 'The Bike Of The Future'.....see which one won!

The ebike featured is a Haibike if you would like to  see more Haibike models click here and if you'd like to learn more about electric bikes see the original electric bike buying guide.

Posted by Eddie Kehoe