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What are the stand out features of the best electric bike systems for 2017?

We will continue to update this information as details become available.

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Progress in Lithium Battery Technology As the electric vehicle (EV) and ebike market continues its rapid growth in both the US and the UK, some exciting news has recently been announced which will have a major effect on the industry. Researchers have developed a new battery system which will allow EVs to be recharged almost instantaneously.  This technology, dubbed the ‘Ifbattery’ by its creators, can be produced cheaply and is environmentally friendly. It uses a system known as a flow battery, but has been adapted to work without the membranes usually used in such units. T..

Cube Agree Hybrid SL 2019 - Faster Review

Agree is the New e-Road Bike by Cube

What is eRoad?

As the longest established ebike specialists in the UK we've known for a long time that traditional bike shops and their core road biking customers will be the last to be tempted by the benefits of going electric. Although we've converted the road and touring bikes of hundreds of customers over the years they've paid a social price for being ahead of the trend. Our customers often felt less welcome in their local bike shop and had to put up with jokes when out on a ride, indeed if the benefits weren't so compelling and their love of cycling so strong many would have given up.

So against a background of prejudice from traditional bike shops and some cycling groups how can we invigorate the industry and get more people cycling more often? The answer is to create products true to the core principles of the genre with compelling benefits that enhance the riding experience. Here we have eRoad - Electric road bikes with a minimal weight penalty and seamless power integration.

Why eRoad?

Every rider has a limit - you can feel it approaching and you resist it, you make your peace with the feeling and enter the zone and cycle towards it. You understand your goal and what your body can do; find a balance to allow you go the distance. You manage the tools and resources at your disposal to keep going, your gears, your nutrition and hydration. You will have planned to do your best, long before this ride you will have selected the lightest, fastest bike in the correct size, and perfected your stroke with the right shoes. Now you can add a new resource - power assist - and you'll wonder why you ever doubted it's benefits.

With e-Road you ride as you always have but when you need extra strength it's there. If there's a hill that leaves you empty or burning with lactic acid and crawling home, if there's a route that is just above your current ability, if you need to know your friends won't be waiting for you, if you're recovering from an injury, or if you want to feel like you're 21 again in the saddle - e-Road is the answer.

Tell Me More About the Cube Agree Hybrid SL

  • Weight - 14.3Kg or 10.4Kg without the battery and motor
  • eGroupset - Fazua Evation 250W with a 400W peak
  • Torque - 60Nm peak
  • Groupset - 2 x 11 Shimano Ultegra
  • Brakes - Hydraulic disc
  • Assist Speed - 25kmh / 15.5mph
  • Derestrict Possible - Only for our customers
  • Optimal Cadence - 65 to 85 rpm

Based on their non-electric road bike the design is familiar and in electric bike terms sleek and understated. Compared to many road bikes the down tube looks a little pregnant but that's OK because it's going to give birth to new possibilities.

So far bike magazines have provided very favourable write ups - whether that's thanks to Cubes marketing budget or real LOVE we'll never know but there are few drawbacks highlighted and "the future" gets several mentions so it appears to be the awakening of e-perception.

The battery and motor can be removed leaving a significantly lighter road bike this means that you can choose when to carry the eGroupset - I have a customer using the bike (Fazua DrivePack out)  for his rides and the ebike (Fazua DrivePack in) to ride with his professional mate and help him train.

MTB to eMTB - Industry boffins are suggesting that over 80% of MTB will be eMTB within the next 4-5 years. The added power brings more fun and possibilities and ultimately a better ride experience. I think the uptake of e-road will face more entrenched resistance however the benefits driving the electric trend will be enjoyed long after pessimism is left behind like a skid mark in the road.

The Cube Agree Hybrid SL and SLT 2019 both use the Fazua Evation eGroupset. Click here to learn about this system.

Posted by Eddie Kehoe