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About EBS

Electric Bike Sales is a trading name of The Electric Transport Shop Ltd - the first and largest specialist electric bike retailer in the UK and the most established with 5 stores across the country:

London - Oxford - Bristol - Cambridge - York

  • We are passionate about electric bikes and have a deep knowledge of the products (new and old) and the way people use them.
  • We are independent and help our customers find the best electric bike for them at the best possible price.
  • We try to make e-Bike purchasing and ownership a great experience - it's not just about the sale!

When you visit or contact one of our stores you will never be greeted by a sales person. It's crucial our customers have contact with someone that understands the technical aspects of each e-Bike system and how those relate to the bikes capabilities and the requirements our customers have. We do not put our faith in salesmen but technicians. A technicians perspective is different, they understand the products and the long term goal to help our customers get the best from their purchase. If you need them after buying - they really can help.

Our Story (abridged)A business built on friendship and a vision to show everyone how electric bikes can be a force for good and enhance peoples lives through transport, leisure and mobility. Myself (Eddie) & Jamie met at university in the late 1990's studying music technology (we were going to be rock stars....of course :-) It was at uni we started cycling everyday, neither of us could afford a car and it would have made no sense given the costs and the fact that cycling was the fastest way to get around. A few beers later we graduated and went our separate ways Jamie to Brighton and then Southampton and me taking up a job in Cambridge.

We both had jobs we could cycle to but these evolved to require daily driving and this changed everything. I'd lost the freedom to get where I wanted to be when I wanted to be there. We made the best use of our time stuck in traffic – Jamie studying for an audiology masters and me singing very badly indeed - eventually the jobs and the endless time and sanity wasting (in traffic) had to go and we put everything into creating a life helping people to cycle more places, more often.

We believe electric bikes are the best form of 'feel-good' transport for local journeys. Healthy, clean, cheap, fun. Several members of our team are very keen mountain bikers and they strongly believe electric mountain bikes (eMTB) are the future of this sport. I'm just getting into it and earning my stripes (bruises actually).

You're never too old to do something better....and have fun! :-) We're here to help you find the best electric bike for you.

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Here's to cycling and never stopping :-)