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STePs is Shimanos 2nd electric bike system and it is a leap forward, so much so that the 1st will be forgotten forever. Considering the Japanese electric bike market is one of the most evolved Shimano have waited a long time to produce their pedelec system. As any cycling aficionado knows Shimano make great cycling components and STePS is not a disappointment. It has had to be very careful to fit its offering into a market led by Bosch and Yamaha. If you find Shimano Steps urban version on a budget urban ebike then it makes sense but if it's at the same price as a Bosch electric bike the choice for us couldn't be easier. Bosch. Shimano is launching a new mountain bike system the Steps E8000 and based on short test rides and appearance it looks and feels much more thought through than the urban version of Steps. The proof is in the riding and we have to ride up the longest, steepest hills rutted with the UKs most challenging mountain bike terrain before we can confidently give a thumbs up or down.

Of course you can pre-order and buy the Scott and soon DiamondBack bikes sporting the Shimano Steps E8000 motor and report back with feedback for your fellow electric mountain bikers.

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Shimano Steps Downtube Powerpack, 418wh, 500whHigh quality, long l..
£399.00 Ex Tax: £332.50
Shimano Steps Rack Powerpack, 418wh, 500whHigh quality, long lasti..
£399.00 Ex Tax: £332.50

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