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Referral Scheme

- Refer * Get * Paid -


We have always had a policy of minimum advertising. We do not pay money to appear at the top of Google search results. This keeps us focused on what's most important even if it takes more thought and effort to sustain. Word of mouth is far more important to us and focuses our energies on customers rather than spin.

We'd rather spend our marketing budget on you. With that in mind by referring people to us you and the referred can benefit from special offers as follows:

For every referral that buys a new e-Bike you can choose from the following benefits:

Extended Battery Warranty
An additional months warranty on your battery as long as warranty has not yet expired.



Workshop Credit
​£50 towards servicing or repairs or customisation of your electric bike.

Save your rewards and turn them into a free e-Bike.

Half Price e-Bike
Accumulate 20 referrals that buy a new e-Bike we will offer you any electric bike for 50% off SRP up to £2000.

Free e-Bike
​Accumulate 30 referrals that buy a new e-Bike we will offer you any electric bike for 100% off SRP up to £2000.

We have several customers that have paid for a new e-Bike by referrals. If you wish to get started please register online for TETS Club and go to 'Your Referrals' on your account page. There you can send referral emails, copy a referral link or share with your friends on Facebook.

To see our electric bike special offers click here.