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PRO Cycle 2 Work for Electric Bikes

A Cycle to Work Scheme with a difference.

It can be difficult to get the electric bike of your dreams through a cycle to work scheme due to the usual £1000 limit. PROC2W is an unique scheme without the £1000 limit. At the core of ProC2W is an FCA regulated social enterprise company called the Green Commute Initiative.

How do I save money on the e-Bike?

Payments for your new electric bike will be deducted from your pre-taxed salary so that money normally disappearing in tax pays for your ebike. The saving's will vary depending on your tax rate (High Rate tax payers will save 42% - Low Rate tax payers can save 32%). Payments can be made over 6, 12, 18 or 24 months making the purchase very affordable.


How do I get started?

Fill out a simple online form (we can email you the link) and all the paperwork you'll need will

be prepared although no commitment will have been made. There are no charges or

tie ins with ProC2W.

Then all you have to do is convince your employer that IT'S A GREAT IDEA!

How do I convince my Employer?

Your employer tops up your NI by 13.9% of your salary. Most employers will be able to offset the costs of the bike onto something called an Annual Investment Allowance aswell. Boosting their return up to 30%. Theres an incentive. If you would like somebody to explain this to your employer, just drop us an email with a phone number, email address, and the contact person. 

How many e-Bikes can I buy on the scheme? 

You can buy up to 2 electric bikes per time using ProC2W.

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