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KTM 50 years making bicycles

Austrian based renowned motorbike manufacturer KTM makes exceptional electric bikes. Years of experience contribute to maximum reliability of the various KTM e-Bike models. All components used by KTM are constructed to the highest quality and continuously improved. The use of modern technology, ensures the usual high standard of KTM.


Electric bike frames undergo substantially higher loads and forces than a conventional bicycle. The KTM e-Bike frames are optimized to cope with these increased demands. Increased wall thickness and innovative designs make KTM e-Bike frames extremely stability and a secure.


All KTM pedelecs are designed for a maximum load of 118kg (driver incl. Luggage). Exception: The cargo bike Macina eShopper , Macina Mini Me 24 and Amparo 8 in the XL model can be loaded up to 150kg .


KTM only uses the latest LED lighting technology with a luminance of 60 lux. The lighting system is integrated to take power from the main battery.


In order to achieve the highest possible reliability KTM exclusively uses original batteries of the respective drive system manufacturers. So the battery is always perfectly matched to its application and reaches its maximum service life. Thus, in different models ranges up to 190 km are *realistic!


Dependent on many variables such as:

  • support level
  • rider weight
  • terrain
  • wind conditions
  • tire pressure
  • ambient temperature

and can be specified by the manufacturer as an estimate only.


Through practical tests and laboratory tests, the best possible tuning of bikes are developed together with the drive system manufacturers. Various changes to the parameters contribute to the greatest possible performance. This also makes for maximum energy efficiency.



KTM eGnition 2011 was one of the 1st mass produced speed e-Bikes with a top speed of 45Kmh. KTM continues to offer a number of Bosch Performance line models with the appropriate type approval for speed pedelec (s-pedelec) or L1e class. Although not in the UK where the L1e-B (speed pedelec) category has yet to be adopted.

Automatic Gearing

Shimano Di2 or Nuvinci Harmony

The interaction between the drive system and the gears is very important when using mid mounted (crank drive) pedelec because the motor drives directly through the gears and utilises the gearing ratios to maximise the drives performance. Because of this human and mechanical power are forced through the cycles transmission increasing the chance of wear and innefficient gear changes. Both Shimano Di2 and Nuvinci Harmony address this issue on 2015 models. Shimano Di2 accomplishes this by communicating with the drive so the motor relaxes for a fraction of a second at just the right point for a smooth electronically controlled gear change. The Shimano system offers electronic gear changes but not automatic gear changing.

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