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Free Electric Bike Warranty

Electric Bike Sales Free Extended eGroupset Warranty

We are so confident that we can support your electric bike better than any other bike shop that we have decided to offer you a free extended warranty on the electrical components.

How do you qualify?

  1. You simply buy your ebike from us and pay full retail price.
  2. You have your ebike serviced professionally once every twelve months.

That's it! You have qualified for one free extra year of cover where you can avoid replacement costs if something goes wrong.

Example Costs

Costs include replacement fitting where applicableBasicPremium
Display / Controller£70£150

We would love to keep this really simple but it's a complicated world sometimes and so read the full terms below.

1. The Warranty

This warranty does not affect the purchasers statutory rights. It is designed to offer a remedy to potential product defects over a defined period.
The Electric Transport Shop Limited trading as ElectricBikeSales.co.uk (hereinafter called “TETS”) warrants for selected electric bicycle electrical and electronic components (herinafter referred to as the ‘eGroupset’) as follows:

1.1 Offer

TETS undertakes that any new eGroupset supplied thereon by TETS as part of original equipment and meeting the outlined criteria under this warranty will be free from defect in material or workmanship under normal use and service (exclusions outlined) up to a maximum of 1 year beyond the manufacturers warranty period.

1.2 What is Covered

The free extended eGroupset warranty is available on all electric bikes bought at full price from TETS. The warranty is valid for the first registered owner of the bike who bought it at a TETS store or a TETS Authorised Retailer.

The manufacturer warranty starts on the date of order as printed on your receipt and the TETS extended warranty begins when this ends.

The cover extends to the eGroupset as defined here:

A. The electric Motor

B. The battery and the original charger

C. The display and peripheral button control (excluding fascia)

D. The external speed sensor

TETS obligations under this warranty are limited to repairing or replacing at its option defective components as defined by a TETS store or Authorised Repairer. 

In the event of replacement or repair under the warranty, any replacement parts fitted or replacement components supplied will continue to be covered under the original warranty including any extended warranty offered (from the original date of the order). No further warranty beyond the original warranty granted on the date of the order will be given or implied to new parts fitted or supplied.

1.3 Conditions of the offer

A. The bike must be purchased from TETS at full retail price

B. The original receipt must be available and state that the cover is included

C. Evidence of a professional annual bike service must be available and if within 30 miles of a TETS store this must be carried out at that store.

D. All repair work must be done by TETS

E. To activate the 1st year extended warranty simply buy the ebike, meet the criteria and ask for it to be incuded and noted on your invoice along with all                    relevant serial numbers.

F. If at anytime the manufacturer warranty becomes void so does the extended warranty.

2. Warranty fully transferable to new owners

You can sell the bike with the extended warranty but the buyer must register their claim of ownership and the seller must confirm within 30 days of transfer.

A reasonable fee (£35) will be payable and a battery state of health check and a safety check service will be available to the new owner within 30 days of transfer of ownership.

2.1 Duration of the warranty and dependence on first owner

The warranty depends on good care of the bike and regular servicing. If there is any doubt regarding the warranty TETS can provide a sale service (including clean and shine) and state of health check and all being well a confirmation of cover that can be sold with the electric bike. (This costs £70 inc vat).

2.2 Transfer of warranty to new owner

It is the sole responsibility of the first owner and any subsequent owner upon selling the ebike to instruct and inform the buyer how to maintain this warranty by adhering to the warranty requirements. It is also the responsibility of any seller to pass onto the buyer the documentation required to validate the warranty i.e. bike service receipts, the original purchase receipt, and these terms and conditions.

TETS cannot be responsible for subsequent, second owners and thereon, of the bikes voiding the warranty for any reason, even if they have contacted TETS prior to their purchase.

The warranty cannot be upheld if:

1. The original purchase receipt is no longer available.

2. The ebike and/or any components on it have been modified, serviced, repaired or replaced by anyone other than TETS without prior written agreement from TETS. 

3. Any of the ebike components have been replaced and this has not been done at a TETS store or with written agreement from TETS head office stating the work can be done elsewhere.

4. The ebike has already had the same component repaired or replaced 3 times since order.

5. The manufacturer considers the original warranty voided for any reason.

6. Any other conditions stipulated in this documentation cannot be met.

3. Specific Coverage for each component

TETS reserve the right to inspect each component prior to any repair or replacement of part(s). No warranty claim can be made unless the complete e-bike is presented for inspection at our request.

TETS at its discretion may elect to agree with the owner a value in place of repair or replacement should the parts and labour cost of the repair prove uneconomical, or in the case that suitable parts for repair are no longer available.

3.1 Battery:

Defective cells

3.2 Motor:

Mechanical Failure

3.3 Control Electronics

Component failure rendering the assist unusable

3.4 Display / Peripheral Controls

If unusable due to a fault or defect

4. Specific Exclusions - what is NOT covered?

  • Components not supplied with the original order
  • Damage (deliberate / accidental) and/or misuse (including using the wrong equipment such as the charger).
  • Damage as a result of a faulty component(s) on the bike not covered by this eGroupset warranty.
  • Damage or failure as a result of inappropriate care and/or storage.
  • Components that show signs of being tampered with.
  • Wear and tear.
  • Cases, plastics, metals, handles, contact points.
  • Locks, switches and ignitions.
  • The  battery management system (BMS)
  • Any fuses, fuse holders, fuse housings and charging points/connectors and covers.
  • Exposure to extremes in temperature and/or humidity
  • Submersion or partial submersion.
  • Any further batteries or components purchased for the ebike – only the original components supplied with the ebike (serial number recorded on your receipt)  shall be covered.
  • Any exclusions that would apply with the manufacturers warranty carry over to the extended warranty.
  • Consequential damages and costs of any sort.

5. Withdrawal of Offer

This offer will be open to everyone meeting the criteria outlined within these terms and will remain in place for all who purchase and meet the criteria while this offer is live.

TETS can choose to end this offer at any time without notice.

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