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What are the stand out features of the best electric bike systems for 2017?

We will continue to update this information as details become available.

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EBS News - All Articles

Progress in Lithium Battery Technology As the electric vehicle (EV) and ebike market continues its rapid growth in both the US and the UK, some exciting news has recently been announced which will have a major effect on the industry. Researchers have developed a new battery system which will allow EVs to be recharged almost instantaneously.  This technology, dubbed the ‘Ifbattery’ by its creators, can be produced cheaply and is environmentally friendly. It uses a system known as a flow battery, but has been adapted to work without the membranes usually used in such units. T..


Freego eBike Parts & Repairs
Southampton Based Freego Cease TradingAfter approximately 10 years importing electric bikes Freego are facing liquidation.More rugged and reliable than beautiful Freego had a number of popular models including the Regency, Hawk and Wren. They were the first to produce a sub 16Kg full size ebike called the Raptor designed to appeal to a younger customer.If you're the proud owner of a Freego eBike but concerned about repairs and parts please note that we can help with the following repairs or parts:Freego batteriesFreego ControllersFreego displaysFreego wire harnessJust get in touch...
Merry e-Xmas Gifts & Deals
It's finally here. We re-open after some important technical training on Saturday January 5th.Wishing you All a Wonderful Christmas and start to 2019.In the meantime here are our Xmas deals and gift ideas which will be running through the festive season until we re-open or limited stock runs out.Want fast shipping - or finance - get in touch - we're happy to help.LATEST GOOGLE REVIEWSPeter Hammond20 hours agoElectric Bike Sales have given me exceptional service both from their Cambridge shop and the Bristol shop. If you want to buy an Electric Bike with confidence and no worries try them ..
Fazua Evation - A Technical Introduction
What is the Fazua Evation eGroupset?Fazua was founded in Munich Germany in 2013 by Johannes Biechele and Fabien Reuter with the goal to provide a motor system for the sportive (including e-Road) market. To achieve their dream they had to overcome several technical and perceptual challenges. Once they had the right weight they needed to ensure a smooth transition in and out of assist because the sportive rider will notice any motor resistance, transition hesitation, vibration and literally every feeling that will detract from the ride experience...and NOTHING should detract from the ride experi..
Cube Agree Hybrid SL 2019 - Faster Review
Agree is the New e-Road Bike by CubeWhat is eRoad?As the longest established ebike specialists in the UK we've known for a long time that traditional bike shops and their core road biking customers will be the last to be tempted by the benefits of going electric. Although we've converted the road and touring bikes of hundreds of customers over the years they've paid a social price for being ahead of the trend. Our customers often felt less welcome in their local bike shop and had to put up with jokes when out on a ride, indeed if the benefits weren't so compelling and their love of cycling so ..
Funding for e-Cargo Bikes & Trikes
The UK Government has Just Announced £2 million of funding to Help Businesses switch to e-Cargo BikesMany businesses are still using vans for deliveries when e-cargo bikes are a viable alternative.According to Sainsbury's and based on their recent trial of e-cargo delivery over 96% of deliveries can be made using these bikes with cost savings and huge reductions in emissions.If you operate a local business and are interested in trialling e-cargo or making the switch please get in touch...
Haibike Flyon ePerformance System
Haibike Flyon New for 2019Wow! Haibike have returned to their innovative routes and if you like clever, thoughtful bike design and if you love eBikes there'll be plenty here to interest you.Pre-order the 2019 FlyOn and be amongst the first to receive them.Flyon MotorThe Flyon motor has a continuous torque capability of 120Nm. Haibike set out to design an eBike that best represents their brand promise 'ePerformance'. To do this they've designed a totally new bike and considered at each part of the design process where they can demonstrate their 'ePerformance' credentials to the benefit of their..
Haibike Present Yamaha Internal Battery
Yamaha Intube Battery - Haibike Presents 2019 Models at an Attractive PriceHaibike is once more making headlines with a new and exciting ebike model. The Yamaha bike with new 500Wh Intube battery is powerful, compact, and perfectly integrated.Haibike is one of the first manufacturers to offer the new Yamaha 500Wh battery for the model year 2019 as an Intube battery solution. It combines modern design with high-quality technology for all ebike enthusiasts who are looking for a sleek and stylish ride.The slim power pack benefits from high energy density cells to make it one of the lightest batte..
Haibike 2019 Models Revealed
Haibike 2019 eMTB & Trekking  Model Updates.Excitement in the industry is palpable. Haibike currently sit on the throne of eMTB innovation - consistently delivering successful new ideas year after year and hopefully 2019 will be no different.Haibike FlyonSo the biggest release for Haibike 2019 will be the Flyon eGroupset which boasts some industry leading performance figures.The Flyon TQHPR120S motor has a peak torque capability of 120Nm. Haibike set out to design an eBike that best represents their brand promise 'ePerformance'. To do this they've designed the drive system and bike to..
Riese & Muller 2019 Models
Riese & Muller - Exceptional eBikes for an Exceptional You in 2019For 2019 R-M are bringing some exciting updates to their existing models.NewsFlash - Riese & Muller win the eBike category Gold award at the worlds biggest bike expo Eurobike. The Homage with the new ABS system was the winner.We expect to see more models and availability for the Rohloff automatic hub gear system and of course the new tech from Bosch including eBike ABS and the new (as yet to be officially revealed) Bosch high resolution display.Here's the breaking news release from Eurobike Riese & Mulller Launch:Nev..
Go Electric Ebike Events
Test Ride The Best Electric Bikes @ Great PricesThe past few weeks have been and the next few weeks are JAM PACKED with eBike test ride events. We are in our communities helping more people like you to love cycling again and change their transport lives with the right electric bike.We are demonstrating the very best electric bikes soon at:  June 9th - Oxford Big Green Day Out - DoneJune 10th - Fully Charged Show Live 2018 SilverstoneJune 14th - Milton Park - business park Oxford - DoneJune 23rd and 24th - York Cycle Raleigh - Including large selection of Riese & Mu..
Fully Charged Show Live from Silverstone
June 10th at the Fully Charged Show Live from SilverstoneThe show boasts the largest selection of electric cars ever assembled in the UK along with entrepreneurs innovating in the EV space creating solutions more people will need very soon such as charging stations and home energy storage systems.We were delighted to work with the Fully Charged Show to provide eBike information, advice and test rides. There was such enthusiasm and so many new test ride ‘electric smiles’. Our test bikes included Haibike, Raleigh, Riese & Muller (with Rolhoff), and Cube and they were going the whole day..
Cambridge Goes Electric June 29th-30th Parkers Piece CambridgeWe have the great honour of Cambridge's very first electric transport event this June 29th and 30th. The event which will include a number of premium and entry level electric bike brands will be on Parkers Piece in the city centre from 10am to 3pm both days.Most of the bikes will be available for test ride on Parkers Piece. To test ride the best urban, trekking and eMTB ebikes available simply turn up with your drivers licence or passport, complete the disclaimer and have some fun.Brands with Stalls include:HaibikeRaleighRiese &..
New features for 2019 Bosch Performance Line CX
Key Updates for Bosch eMTB 2019Leading e-bike manufacturer Bosch has unveiled a pair of new features and upgrades for the Performance Line CX 2019 model.An announcement from Bosch claims the new model, which will include the eMTB mode, will be capable of mastering tough mountain trails much more easily than previous models.One of the new features that helps deliver greater performance in challenging mountain conditions for the Performance Line CX will be the 2019 walk assistance. This update provides efficient and even movement of e-mountain bikes when moving uphill.Bosch ebike gradient sensor..
Join Us For Some ebike FunIt's an amazing time right now. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to electric bike models but too much choice can feel a little overwhelming. You want to make sure you make the right choice and choose the best electric bike for you and that's exactly what we want.You have to test ride a few because you can't tell what something feels like by drewling over an amazing image and reading a list of specifications or even listening to what others have experienced. Although not irrelevant by far the most important thing to do is get hands, feet and bottom (optional) on ..
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