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Badass e-Bike Speed Tuning Dongle


£130.00 Ex Tax: £108.33

What does the Speed De-Restriction Device Do?

The Badasse-Bike Device is an easy to fit de-restriction dongle. This clever little device will work magic with your electric bike speed sensor removing the 15.5mph LEGAL limit, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your e-Bike. The maximum speed will vary depending on the system and the e-bike, although we have seen maximum speeds in excess of 31mph. 



Easily installs to the most popular Crank Drive e-Bike systems. 

What eGroupset does the Badasse-Bike Dongle work with? 

This quick and easy solution can be fitted to the Bosch Active, Bosch Performance (CX), Yamaha, Shimano Steps, Impulse, Brose and Continental systems. 


How does the chip tuning device fit?

This versatile little dongle can be easily fitted in a matter of seconds. In three easy steps. Slide the device over the Magnetic Speed sensor, usually located on the left lower chainstay of your e-Bike. Swap the standard phillips headed screw on the Magnet, located on a spoke in the rear wheel, with the new butterfly headed screw provided to easily move it around. Relocate the Magnet into the location shown in the Manual. It couldn't be any simpler.  If you have a restricted amount of space between the sensor and the spokes, you may be required to fit this adapter. Removing the dongle will return your e-Bike to its legal restricted speed.


Restrictions to De-Restrictions. 

Where can I use the speed tuning device?

This bit is important so please read. Current UK law will only allow you to use this device on PRIVATE LAND where you have the OWNERS PERMISSION. Fitting this device and using anywhere other than private land is AGAINST THE LAW. If used anywhere else, you will be doing so at your own risk. The Electric Transport Shop Ltd assumes no liability for any damage to property and / or injury to persons caused by improper use of this product. Please note we will never fit these devices and test rides are not available at our stores.


Customers from outside the UK are responsible for checking laws that apply locally and abiding by those laws. 


Warranty, Components, and the risks. 

Can de-restricting my e-Bike, cause problems?

Although we have had no reported technical issues due to using this dongle by using it you risk voiding your manufacturer warranties. We will continue to offer the free labour warranty that we offer with all e-bikes bought from us but if your e-bike manafacturer discovers a way to tell that you have unlocked your electric bike system they may void your bike warranty.



The badass Chiptuning Box must not be used on public roads or in areas subject to the application of the Highway Code!

Use is restricted to private land, with the owners permission.

We will never fit the Badasse-Bike Device for you. 

The installation of the badass Chiptuning Box can lead to loss of warranty of the e-bike.

The use of this product may legally invalidate any safety certifications of the bike and by using it you accept liability for your safety and those around you.

The badass Chiptuning Box is used at your own risk. Warning, risk of injury.

The Electric Tranbsport Shop Ltd assumes no liability for any damage to property and / or injury to persons caused by improper use of the product.


What does the Speed De-Restriction Device Do? The Badasse-Bike ..
£130.00 Ex Tax: £108.33

Bergamont E-Ville A8

Brand: Bergamont

Model: Eville A8

£2,000.00 £2,599.99 Ex Tax: £1,666.67

Was £2599 - just a few left at £2000 a very high end bike for the price.

Comes fully assembled and setup for you with unlimited tweaks and a the essential 1st free service within 3 months.

Features & Benefits


The Bergamont E-Ville C A8 comes in a variety of lowstep frames in different sizes built in 6061 high grade aluminium and finished in matt grey and shiny white with RockShox Paragon Gold air sprung forks.


SHIMANO DYNAMO HUB DH-3D37 front wheel and SHIMANO ALFINE 8-SPEED rear wheel.


BOSCH 36V 250 watt Generation 2 active line center drive motor with the BOSCH Intuvia display indicating battery charge and 4 levels of power support, range and speed with an easy start function.


Latest technology 36V 11AH (400WH) Lithium-ion battery (frame mounted and lock secured)

Range: Up to 80 miles average range in eco mode

Recharge Time: 2.5-3.5 hours from flat. (Less from part charged)






Complies with EN15194 EU Standard


Was £2599 - just a few left at £2000 a very high end bike for the ..
£2,000.00 £2,599.99 Ex Tax: £1,666.67

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Brand: Haibike


£2,500.00 £2,750.00 Ex Tax: £2,083.33








ECO+ - 105 MILES


IntroducingThe-Haibike Sduro Fullnine SL 2016

The 2016 Sduro Fullnine SL eBike is designed to take you on an epic Cross-Country journey. It’s agile geometry, 100mm travel and perfectly matched components make it an efficient full suspension XC bike suitable for speedy trails as well as comfortable XC rides.


An excellent option for someone looking for a high quality e-MTB, the sDuro Fullnine SL beautifully combines a responsive lightweight frame with a state of the art Yamaha motor and battery system and Shimano SLX gear setup. Featuring Suntour front and rear suspension to provide comfort and peace of mind when tackling the trickiest off-road challenges and situations, with up to 100mm of front suspension, the sDuro Fullnine SL features a Haibike patented 6061 aluminium frame to provide an unbeatable riding experience for this price range. Complete with a Yamaha multi-functional display that provides all the information you need to complement your ride; speed, battery life remaining, total distance travelled - meaning you can accurately measure your off-road ride. Naturally, an off-road ride on such a powerful e-bike requires the very best in control and comfort. Tektro Auriga disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, coupled with Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance tyres, give you the control needed when riding at speed on difficult terrain.


Cross-Country cycling is the most common discipline of Mountain Biking. The bikes are designed to be ridden fast and weigh less than some of the more extreme breeds in the sport. Equipped with suspension on the front and a lack of suspension at the rear, proving the bike to be more stable and efficient on the flat. Most manufacturers have now moved onto the 27.5in wheel platform which gives you a few trickle down features of the 29in varient (better traction, faster paced) but retains the control of the 26in wheel. Cross Country bikes often have a very stretched out ride position and fast rolling but less grippy tyres,  making them less attractive for beginners

More Power. More Flow. More Action!



Tektro Auriga Comp Disc Brake Caliper and Lever Set features an open system design using non-corrosive and environment-friendly mineral oil.This is a good choice if you are looking for a quality hydraulic brake system at a good value. Dual piston design Melt forged caliper body with automatic positioning via front or rear adapters Reversable lever design withTwo piece bracket for easy removal Includes factory bled caliper, hose, waveType rotor and mounting hardware Caliper BrakeType: Di. The front suspension comes from Suntour Aion which comes with external rebound and low-speed compression adjustments. The fork is available with a tapered steerer tube and is equipped with a 15mm thru-axle that uses SR Suntour's Q LOC 2 system. The arch of the fork shares a similar shape with Suntour's Rux downhill fork – it's fairly thin vertically, but has more horizontal width than other forks on the market. There's plenty of room to run up to a 2.5” tire, and the back of the arch is smooth, free from any lattice work that can pack up with mud on sloppy rides. Disc brake calipers are mounted onto a post mount that will accept 160mm rotors without the need for an adaptor.


Fullnine SL 27.5+ 2016 eMTB features the unique double-ring chain, on the Yamaha crank, combined with the 10-speed Shimano XT rear mechs and Shimano Shadow front mechs. This means 2x10 gears of fun – a true All Mountain machine, suitable for any terrain, no matter if it’s uphill, downhill or cross-country. Shimano Shadow also offers a clutch system to minimize chain suck and keep it in place on the bumpy rides. And speaking of unique – the brand new 27.5+ wide wheel set up with 2016 Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evo Plus tyres are going to provide the extra grip needed on muddy or sandy terrain as well as a smooth ride on the speedy trails. The tyres are wider than the regular ones, but smaller than the Fat tyres – a combination of efficiency, comfort and grip without compromise.


The 2016 sDuro FullNine SL features a Suntour 100mm front and rear suspension with lockout so the riders energy can be conserved whilst climbing or on less bumpy terrain. Suntour RS6 DuoAir rear shock means you can ride in full comfort no matter what the terrain. Also featuring innovative Haibike S.E.S. (Sprocket Equalizing System). This raises the chain off the front sprocket up to the same level as the swing arm pivot point so the chain is not affected by the rear end moving up and down over bumps

A professionally built e-Bike

There are too many retailers that want to sell you a bike-in-a-box. Supplied with a picture of a few basic tools, giving the impression a bike is as simple to build as flat-pack furniture. This is Not True. Yes e-Bikes are delivered virtually 80-90% complete but are often built quickly on a production line. You can find numerous components wrongly adjusted, incorrectly fitted and of course sometimes damaged in transit.

We actually take pride in our products and service, ensuring all e-Bikes are properly assembled, fine-tuned, and adjusted for the customer.  We can spend up to 1 1/2 hours assembling our e-Bikes and we have spent our lives learning the e-Bike mechanics craft.

An enjoyable Test Ride experience

Before purchasing your electric bike, you will want to test ride it but at first it can be all a bit daunting. Which is why we have off-road test ride areas. Once you feel more comfortable we can also take you sightseeing around the city, giving you the perfect opportunity to fully try before you buy.

We always support our customers 

In the unfortunate circumstance that something does go wrong, we will not deny responsibility, providing you with the best aftercare warranty service. Wherever, whenever there is always a point of contact, never leaving you stranded. So it would be true to say:

We are always there for you!

Intergrated Light Solution

£2,500.00 £2,750.00 Ex Tax: £2,083.33

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Gazelle CityZen C8 HMB, 2017, Bosch

Brand: Gazelle

Model: Gazelle CityZen C8 HMB, 2017, Bosch

£2,095.00 Ex Tax: £1,745.83

CityZen C8 HMB

At 20.4kg excluding the battery the CityZen C8 HMB is Gazelle’s lightest e-bike. Its sleek hybrid styling, hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano Nexus internal hub gears give the CityZen C8 a unique place among e-bikes, as a low maintenance commuter/city bike that is also as sportive and responsive as a road bike.

It’s integrated lights, aluminium mudguards and luggage rack make this a bicycle ideal for commuting, durable enough for all conditions without compromising on performance.

CityZen C8 HMBAt 20.4kg excluding the battery the CityZen C8 HMB i..
£2,095.00 Ex Tax: £1,745.83


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  • Fun - feel like a kid again, even when cycling to work
  • Cost - smugness as you pass traffic with more money in your pocket
  • Health - 80% of the health benefits of a non ebike - and you'll use it more often
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