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A2B Metro Generation 2
A2B Metro Generation 2

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Product Information

£2399 now £2199 there are only 10 of these available at the start of this offer - In white Upgraded with Hydraulic brakes this is the latest version gen 2.2 Metro's in White £200 off.

Power, Presence, Speed! The brand new A2B Metro has impressed the socks off us. It's an extremely comfy ride too with big wide tyres and a chunky saddle, and dual suspension.

The design is a step or two out of sync with the ebike mantra of 'hide what you ride'. It is blatantly more than a bicycle. The frame is chunky, the tyres wouldn't look out of place on a scooter and the motor is a beefy affair.  It is a meaty, powerful e-bike.

So why, given the above, have we decided to add it to our selection? It's comfortable to ride, commands a place on the road, in traffic it is visible and stable and you feel safe with quality components that work intuitively.

This UltraMotor is the first e-bike in a long time to feel comfortable in its skin. It isn't giving into the snobbery that pervades the spandex clad cycle clubs. It has 'eat my dust' attitude that says 'I will take you from A2B safely and if you want to you will be overtaking mere mortals all the way'.

The Metro is still unsurpassed, having better acceleration, top speed and hill climbing ability than any other road lega production eBike we have tested. The only way it can be bettered is with a customer ebike conversion using the "Boss" kit.

Part of the Metro's all round ability is due to the battery: it uses the best Lithium EV cells from Sanyo with a unique chemistry (triple Oxide cells). Panasonic bought Sanyo largely on the strength of these incredible batteries.

Here today gone tomorrow? No. We're confident that Hero Eco, the company behind this bike, is here to stay.

We urge you to come and test ride this amazing machine.

Now featuring a digital controller for ultra smooth acceleration.

Please ask us for current availability of colours. It may also be possible to have an internal battery fitted inside the frame with or without the standard external (rack mounted) battery, but check with us first as stock availability is often changing.


New version with Digital Motor Control.

Maximum road speed under power – 15.5 mph. (21 mph if derestricted)
Up to 20 miles* unassisted range (extendable to 40 miles**)
Battery chemistry: Sanyo lithium ion triple Oxide (so far not used on any other eBikes we know of due to cost)
Nominal voltage: 38 volts
Continuous power output: 250W
Frame: TIG welded 6061 aluminum
Suspension (front): Ultra Motor shock-absorbing front fork (80mm travel)
Suspension (rear): Ultra Motor shock-absorbing swing arm (60mm travel)
Tires: 20 x 3.0 Kenda Kraze
Gears: Alivio derailleur with 7-speed twist shift
Brakes (front and rear): Avid BB5 disc brakes
Saddle: oversized Ultra Motor comfort saddle (very comfortable)
Weight of A2B Metro: 31.1kg
Weight of 11.4Ah portable battery: 5.9kg (15% more capacity the averge eBike lithium battery)
Weight of A2B Metro with battery: 37kg. Quite a lot, but then it has the power for it and feels solid on the road.

* Dependent on rider weight, pedaling and terrain

** Based on the addition of the secondary battery pack. You can select the 2nd 'in frame' battery pack from the options below.

A good alternative to a moped. It's also greener and cheaper with no insurance, tax, MOTs or pollution. The Metro will run unassisted for 1,000 miles for approximately £4 of sustainably sourced electricity. And what's so cool about a noisy, slow, smelly, gas guzzling moped anyway?!

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Price: Buy now for £2,199.00 (inc. VAT) or buy on finance

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Product Code: ULTO117
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